Wood Candle Holders

I love these wood candle holders for the fall season. Use them on your Thanksigiving table to create that perfect autumn vibe.

I love these candle holders for Thanksgiving decor on the table.

I’m finally sharing my wood candle holder DIY project! I’m SO excited because I LOVE how these candle holders turned out! It was very easy to make, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of my husband and his power tools. If you have access to some tools, you should definitely consider making these! 

fall and Thanksgiving decor

Materials Needed to Make your own Candle Holder:

  • Birch tree log (we just cut one down from our family’s acreage!)
  • Mitre Saw
  • Drill Press
  • Sand paper or an Oscillating Sander
  • Clear Sealer (we used this one)

The length of your log depends on how many candle holders you want to make

The first step was finding a log. I wanted one that was about 3 inches in diameter. Ours is pictured above with the dogs (they wanted to help too!).

The next step was to cut the candle holders to size. I chose to make mine about 5 inches tall, but you can really use any height you want! We used a mitre saw for this.

At this point you may want to let the wood dry out. That is, if you cut down a live tree log.

use a power saw to cut your log into pieces

Next we had to mark the centre on the top of the 5″ pieces we had cut. Using the drill press,  we my husband drilled down about half way (2.5″).

Mark the top of your log for the drill press Use a drill press to cut halfway through the top of each log

This is what we were left with after drilling! The insides were a bit rough!
To clean them up we sanded the tops and bottoms a bit, and then used the oscillating sander to sand the insides. Rolled up sand paper sheets would also work well!

Finally, we added a clear acrylic sealer to the outside to give it some shine, and prevent it from rotting :)

the log with a hole for the candle

Below is our finished product after sanding and clear coating! I’m so happy with how they turned out! They are unique pieces that literally cost me NOTHING because we had all the tools already, and the log was from mother nature :)

Each piece shows off its own unique knots and twists in the bark.

A side view of the finished candle holders The completed project

Since I couldn’t wait to show them off, I used them immediately for our thanksgiving table decor!

Thanksgiving table decorated with the wooden candle holdersA top view of the wooden candle holder Thanksgiving table with the candle holder

As always, please leave your questions and comments below :)
And thank you to my wonderful husband who helped my project come to life! Hope you like it as much as I love it!

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42 thoughts on “Wood Candle Holders

    1. Thanks! These are one of my favourites so far too! I love how they turned out! Maybe I’ll have to make some more as gifts…

  1. I absolutely LOVE this! I’m an avid fan of candles and nature, so this is a great combination. I pinned it as soon as I saw the first picture :) Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday!

    1. Thanks Sydney! Yep, they cost me absolutely nothing to make! And they were super fast to make too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I absolutely love the look of those wooden candle holders! They would be perfect for a low key wedding reception or party outdoors. Plus, the fact that they are made out of wood makes them a pretty cheap option!

  3. I love the natural look of these wooden candle holders. These would look great in a cabin or at an event. I need to show my brother these, he would be interested in making some. He makes various household items out of wood sometimes.

  4. That log wood candle holder is super rustic looking. I can see that working well in a log cabin home. As a kid that grew up on the farm in the country, I think these log candle holders are really cool looking. Would the holder get hot enough from the candle melting? It would be horrible to have the holder burn.

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comments Bryan! We’ve burned candles in them a few times and we’ve never had any trouble with them getting warm :)

  5. Wow, looks incredible. So cute and very useful. I really love somethings made from natural material. I will probably make a number of them for my relatives as gifts. Thanks for sharing great works!

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