Triangle Pallet Planters

These beautiful triangle pallet planters are a great way to add a creative spin to your patio. Check out these free plans to make your own.

Image of 2 triangle pallet planters

It’s been too long since I’ve shared a build project with you! I promise I have a few great builds in the works, starting with this quick and easy Triangle Pallet Planters! You can easily make a pair of these in one evening and they look amazing on the front porch or deck. Just imagine it on this beautiful deck

Image of 2 pallet plants displayed on a porch

Here’s everything you need to build a triangle planter:


Pallet (per two planters)
2x2x6 board (per planter)
2ft x 2ft piece of 1/4″ thk plywood (per planter)


Mitre Saw
Table Saw
Nail Gun

Image of an old pallet

Anyone out there have a great pallet source?! My brother-in-law owns his own company and was kind enough to give us some of his old pallets. I’ll take pallets off your hands any day!

Cut the pallet apart with the Sawzall

Here’s How to Make Your Triangle Planters:

Start by tearing apart your pallet. The easiest way is to use your sawzall to cut all of the edge connections right through the nails, and then cut through the middle. As my husband always says, “The Sawzall saws what? It saws all!” haha.

Cut the first pieces into triangles for the base

Cut your 2×2″ boards to make your two base triangles. Chose the length you want and measure that as the outside edge. Then set your mitre saw to a 60 degree and make a 60 degree cut inwards on both sides. Nail those pieces together. Make two of these. For my small planter, my triangles measured 15″ on the outside edge. My large ones were 17″.

Trace your triangle to make the bottom of the planters

Trace your triangle onto your plywood board, and cut out that shape on the table saw. Nail the plywood triangle to the bottom of one of your triangles. This is your planter base for your triangle planters.

The next step is to cut your pallet boards to the correct length. I cut my boards to 14″ long for the smaller planter, and 17″ long for the larger planter.  You’ll need 15 boards.

Cut the pallet boards to the correct length using a table saw

Set your table saw to 45 degrees, and cut one corner off of six of your boards.

Measure boards carefully and cut your pieces using the table saw
Nail the two boards together

Nail two boards in place at the corner of your planter. You will have one gap at the edge – you will fill this gap with the piece you previously cut (see next picture).

Continue to nail together the planter

Do this with all three triangle planter corners.

Image of cut board with 45 degree angle

When you are done, nail a couple of boards down to fill in the gaps.

Carefully measure the remaining space and board

You will be left with a space that you have to measure. Measure that gap and use your table saw to cut a wood piece of the same width. Nail that board in place.

Measure the remaining space on the pallet
Measure length on top inside edge

Finally measure the length of the inside edge, mark it, and make a cut at 60 degrees with your saw. Do this three times to make a top triangle.

Nail the top triangle into place

Nail that top triangle in place and you are done your triangle pallet planters!

Completed triangle pallet planter

When they are all built fill them with soil and plants and admire your new triangle planter on the deck :)

Fill the planters and enjoy them in your yard

I love incorporating geometric designs into my decor and builds!

Triangle planters from above
Another view of the planters on the patio filled with flowers

If you like planters, here’s a quick Hanging Wall Planter made with dollar store supplies!

Modern hanging wall planter tutorial

If you like planters, you’re in luck! I’m sharing these amazing Mini Planters for the Pretty Handy Girl today too! Be sure to pop over and check them out!

Mini Pallet Planters
Triangle pallet planters

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  1. wow you are an inspiration and I must try this. My husband won’t let me near his tools. But there are other ways. Thanks for the step by step instructions and pictures! You rock

  2. I love that you have included tringle shaped planters, which are rather unusual and I like that they are unpainted too, which looked like they are more in place in the natural surroundings of a garden. It will be one for me to try next Spring!

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