Tin Can Upcycle

Tin Can Upcycle

Do you have tin cans sitting around? Piling up in your recycling bin?
Who doesn’t?!
My spare tin cans came from my David’s Tea collection. I’m really enjoying a nice glass of tea in the evenings these days. You can get these particular cans refilled, but I had so many lying around, I decided to try a Tin Can Upcycle project instead :) 

Tin Can Upcycle Project

I had just completed my DIY Office Gallery Wall, which included an amazing peg board to organize some office essentials. These tin cans provide the perfect stylish storage for my pens and markers :)

What you need for this project:

Tin Cans
Double-Prong Peg Hooks
Spray Paint

Tin Can Upcycle tutorial

Start by drilling a hole into the tin can, about 1cm from the top. On the David’s Tea cans, drilling right through the centre of the “A” was the perfect spot :)

Drill a hole in the tin can

Next, grab your peg hooks, and your hand saw, and saw the prong side in half. You want a small about remaining to bend into the tin can.

Tin Can Upcycle materials Tin Can Upcycle materials

Using a hammer, bend down the remaining portion of the prong.

Using a hammer bend down the prong

Place the prong you cut into the hole you made on your tin can. Test it on a peg board to make sure it sits properly. Then using the Epoxy, glue the peg hook to the tin can. Once dry, tape up the edges of the peg prong with painters tape, and spray paint the tin can any colour you like! I choose teal to match my amazing new craft space :)

Tin Can Upcycle project

The final product, looks colourful and stylish. It looks like a kit that I bought for my gallery wall, rather than a DIY project. Isn’t that exactly what you hope for at the end of any project?! I’m loving this one :)

Finished Tin Can Upcycle Pens stored in the tin can project Completed Tin Can upcycle project The tin can project is perfect for the home office or craft space

To see the entire office come to life, see my DIY Office Gallery Wall post :)

Office Gallery Wall


10 thoughts on “Tin Can Upcycle

  1. I love how simple this project is, but how useful it is! Pinning and sharing. This would be perfect to share at Totally Terrific Tuesday. It goes live tonight at 9pm CST! I hope to see you there!


  2. Super cute! Nothing like using recycled items to keep your cost down! Love these (and Davids’s tea)! Hope you have a great week, Lindi!

  3. Great way to organize and to use tin cans :) Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

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