How to Stamp on Metal

How to Stamp on MetalI am SOOO excited to be sharing this project with you today!

I had one of my “stroke of genius” moments when I was planning my daughter’s first birthday party. We were having a puppy themed party, and in lieu of treat bags, I wanted to send home little stuffed puppies with our guests. My genius moment came when I decided to make personalized dog tags for each pup! So today,  I’m sharing how to stamp on metal :)

To make this project, I made a few purchases on my FAVOURITE craft supply website. Pick Your Plum is an amazing site for getting those “one-of-a-kind” crafting items. Only, those items are only on sale for a limited amount of time, such as 48 hours. Never fear, most items will come back… but I’ve learned to jump on things I like right when I see them!

A few items I got on Pick Your Plum for this project are:

Colourful Elastic
Metal Circles (with holes)
Metal Alphabet Stamps

How to Stamp on Metal How to Stamp on Metal How to Stamp on Metal How to Stamp on Metal

And a couple of other things you will need:

Metal Block (to stamp on)

For our puppy party, we set-up an entire “puppy adoption” station, where kids could choose a stuffed puppy, chose a name for their puppy, and then their parent, or my husband, would stamp that name on their collar.

DIY Dog Tags

All you do is, place the metal circle onto the metal block, line up the letter or number you want to stamp onto, and hammer onto the top of the stamp to imprint the symbol. Make sure that the letter is in the correct position before you hammer down – there’s no erasing an upside down “A”!

How to Stamp on MetalDIY Puppy name tags

The kids LOVED this activity! And it was so fun!

Now that I know how easy it is to stamp on metal, I can’t wait to do it again!!

How to Stamp on Metal

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Puppy Birthday Party{xoxo}

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  1. Sweet gift idea! Kids will love having a “personalized puppy” each of their own! The photo collage looks like the party will be lots of fun!!

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