Pregnancy Announcement for Your Second Baby

This adorable pregnancy announcement onesie is SO easy to make with a Cricut!

Well… we let the cat out of the bag last month. If you saw our pregnancy announcement here, then you already knew that we are expecting a second little bundle of joy :) Looking for a pregnancy announcement for your second baby? This time around we found a few different creative ways to share the news. For friends and family that lived close by, I decided to make an DIY Onesie and let my daughter announce the big news for us :)

Announce your newest bundle of joy with these creative baby announcement onesies


Plain onesie
Cricut Explore
Freezer Paper
Acrylic Paint

I use my Cricut Explore every chance I get these days, and I couldn’t wait to use it for this project! To begin, I logged into my Cricut Design Space, and selected the “onesie” as my canvas. You can select the size of onesie so that you know exactly how your design will print off.

Cricut design space lets you plan and make endless creative ideas and projects

Once I had the onesie prepped, I chose the fonts I wanted and designed the words for the front (above) and back (below) of the onesie. Then I welded all of the words together so that they wouldn’t shift around while printing.
[Note: if you do not weld the designs, the cricut will automatically print in space saving mode, and will not preserve your design or spacing]

I used Cricut Design Space to make this baby announcement onesie

Next I cut the designs out onto freezer paper. A great feature of the Cricut Explore is that you can customize the materials that you cut onto. In this case, there is no “freezer paper” option on the dial, so I chose a custom one. The “washi” setting ended up cutting the thin paper perfectly. I had originally tried the “wax paper” setting, but it cut too deep, and ripped my freezer paper, so I had to find a softer pressure setting.
[Note: put freezer paper shiny side down when cutting!]

When it was printed , I simply cut out around my stencil, and ironed the stencils onto the front and back of the onesie. Use the non-steam setting if you have one. Then grab your acrylic fabric paints and paint over the stencil. When it is done drying, simple peel the stencil away, starting at one corner.

Voilà! Beautiful DIY onesie!

This adorable baby annoucement onesie is the perfect way to let the world know your newest bundle of joy is on the way!When we went out, I had my daughter where a jacket over the shirt to hide the back, and waited until people got curious enough to ask what her secret was, or to sneakily look behind her jacket! lol.

This new big sister is ready to spread the word about her little baby brother or sister in this cute DIY baby annoucement onesie This big sister has a secret and she's ready to share in this diy baby announcement onesie I made this baby announcement onesie with my Cricut maker for a creative way to announce baby number two! Big sister was rockin' her baby announcement onesie, ready to tell the world about baby number 2!

I LOVED it! She looked adorable, and it was SO fun having the announcement come from her, even though she was too young to understand!

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If you’re interested, you can see the pregnancy announcement that my daughter is hiding by following this link :)

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