Dream Closet Makeover Reveal

A beautiful dream closet makeover! I LOVE the organization ideas. Such a great use of a small space.

It’s a beautiful day for a room reveal, don’t you think? For the past six weeks I’ve been participating in the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home. To say that we have worked out butts off for the last six weeks would be an understatement! This renovation was a lot more work than we anticipated, but now that it’s done, I can see that it was worth every minute. I can’t wait to share all of the beautiful closet details with you! 

Great advice for first time renovators!

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Do you remember where we started?! It feels like soooo long ago! We literally took down walls so that we could make this dream closet space a reality. It worked out perfectly for us though, because we were able to replace the old door with the most beautiful sliding barn door! When this door arrived at my doorstep I was beyond excited!

Look at this gorgeous barn door for our dream closet!

I shared how easy it is to install this beautiful door already – can you believe we did it in less than an hour?! It’s currently available in the US and  Canadaand it’s worth every penny! I can’t wait to have my whole room put back together so I can share the entire space with you!

This barn door looks great and was easy to install for our dream closet.

What we ended up with beyond that sliding barn door is a far cry from my original plans. Although, I still love that design, renovations are full of unexpected changes, and my plans changed as the space filled.

One culprit was this beautiful weathered wood ceiling – once I had it in place, I knew that the space was headed in a new direction.

This weathered wood ceiling made an amazing transformation in our closet.

This gorgeous ceiling was beyond easy to install, after watching the video, even my Mom thought she could do it, and that’s saying something! (haha, sorry Mom!)

A weathered wood ceiling is a simple way to make a huge statement in this closet.

That decision led me to change the floors to a beautiful large charcoal tile. And I’m SO happy we did!

This charcoal tile floor and sheepskin rug look amazing in our new dream closet.

I originally planned to use this beautiful rug from Rugs USA in the space, but once the changes were made, it was a little too big for the space, so I swapped it out for a small sheepskin (heaven for my feet!), and found a new home for it here.

Halfway through the renovation is when you start making the fun decisions, like which tile to choose, which paint colour to choose, and with furniture to put in the space. Love these decision making tips!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking now and show off my newly completed closet! I had to use my lovely wide angled lens to get floor to ceiling pictures in this natural light-less, small closet, so please forgive any funky camera angles! Hope you love it :)

This beautiful paint colour begged us to create a feature wall.

Oh, and did I mention that we weren’t going to do a feature wall originally? We weren’t going to… until I saw this beautiful “You’re So Mauve-lous” colour by #BeautiTone from @HomeHardware.

I actually am working with Home Hardware to show off this 2017 colour of the year in another post, but when I saw it on the walls in my closet, I just couldn’t resist adding it as a feature wall! Doesn’t it add the prefect feminine touch?? I love how it plays off of the white and grey tones in the space.

The feature wall looks amazing with this paint colour and white and grey tones! So much storage in this wardrobe!

Those wardrobes were just screaming for me to fill them with beautiful clothes, so here ya go!

So much space in this newly renovated closet!

The corner unit of our IKEA wardrobe is now discontinued, but we renovated out NEW closet with the current corner unit if you want to see the new design!

This is truly a dream closet makeover! A beautiful closet transformation! This dream closet makeover is modern and trendy!Who wouldn't love a dream closet makeover?! The small details make a huge impact in this small space makeover. There is so much room in this newly renovated closet. Organizing is a breeze in this dream closet makeover!

Most of my shoes live in the hall closet by the front entrance, but I managed to make room for a few in here, because… well… dream closet.

This new closet has plenty of space for shoes. A beautiful dream closet makeover! I LOVE the organization ideas. Such a great use of a small space. Beautiful, organized drawers. Look at all this space for storage!

There’s more where these beautiful purse hangers came from! Such a beautiful way to organize my hand bags!

Hooks are a great way to store purses! Could this weathered wood ceiling be any more gorgeous? A beautiful dream closet makeover! I LOVE the organization ideas. Such a great use of a small space. Shelves make organizing small items so simple. This small space was made to feel huge in this dream closet makeover.

Doesn’t every dream closet need a gorgeous space for your jewellery or makeup, and a gorgeous tray to rest it all on?! I even added my favourite candle so I can add beautiful Pumpkin Thyme aroma to the room.

Check out the amazing organization elements! A candle and air plant beautify this space even more.There are many awesome lighting elements as part of this dream closet makeover.

Did I mention that we installed some beautiful above cabinet lighting, fixed up a beautiful fixture for the center of the ceiling!?

Lights can add a dramatic touch to the new closet. This light fixture looks amazing in the new closet! Lights off...

Since those lights are so stunning, I better show you a few pictures of the lighting in action too.

Lights on! A beautiful dream closet makeover! I LOVE the organization ideas. Such a great use of a small space. The lighting makes the small space feel very open. This lighted shelf looks so glamorous in the renovated closet.

What do you think of my brand new dream closet? I can’t believe what we did with such a small space!

Follow this link to see ANOTHER DREAM CLOSET with the NEW ikea wardrobes.

A stunning dream closet is possible, even when you only have a small space to work with! Love the modern ideas for this his & hers closet. A beautifully organized walk-in closet for a small room!

Thank you SO much to our fabulous sponsors! I could not have made this space a reality without you!

Dream Closet Makeover sponsors

Renin Corp / Stikwood / Rugs USA

Source List: 

Sliding Barn Door – Renin Corp (or Lowe’s)
Weathered Wood Ceiling –Stikwood
White Jute Rug (pictured previously) –Rugs USA
Wardrobes – IKEA
Tile Floor – The Home Depot
Candle – Days Gone By Candles
Hangers – Amazon
Crates – Amazon
Black Shoe Boxes – similar
Sheepskin Rug – similar
White Stool – Homesense (similar ideas)
Light – DIY fix coming soon :) (similar)
Mirror – Thrifted
Artwork – Chapters

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A beautiful dream closet makeover! I LOVE the organization ideas. Such a great use of a small space. A beautiful dream closet makeover! I LOVE the organization ideas. Such a great use of a small space.

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118 thoughts on “Dream Closet Makeover Reveal

  1. Oh my goodness! It truly is a DREAM closet! LOVE all the beautiful details like the mauve wall and stick wood ceiling! And of course all that organization will be SO amazing to put to work! It’s ahhhhmazing Lindi!!!

  2. This is perfect Lindi!! I don’t typically like “girly” colors, but I love the Mauve. What finish is it? It looks so sharp. Great hangers for pants, too. All of ours are folded up in a pile and always get so unorganized. And I can’t wait to see the DIY for that ceiling light (though I love the one you linked on Amazon too…I’m looking for something similar for my entryway now!!)

  3. Lindi!! It looks absolutely fantastic!! Aren’t the PAX units the BEST! I love them… and I love all the amazing space you have gained in your new closet design! That ceiling?!!? That mauve wall?!?! #allthehearteyes!

      1. Can you tell me a name or part number for the PAX corner piece? I have searched ikea websites for days and I can not locate that. Thank you

        1. Hey! Unfortunately they just discontinued that corner piece :( We are doing a new closet in January with the new corner piece so you’ll see the new one in or closet then if you stay tuned!

  4. I love your closet! I think it would make a great hiding place to get away from the kids too! I would spend a lot of time in there if it was mine I think the mauveis super pretty and now I’m thinking I might need that colour in the house!

  5. your closet is stunning!! it turned out so perfect! That wood ceiling – oh my gosh!!! There looks like there’s a ton of space, too. Congrats on a beautiful space!

  6. This truly is a dream closet! I read your post, then looked at my husband and asked if we could redo our closet for our next ORC (he laughed, then said “next ORC ?!?” Lol). Y’all did a fantastic job – congrats on a wonderful ORC!

  7. Well I would certainly love to have a closet like this one!! The subtle colors and organized space for everything just makes me feel calm. :) Beautiful job, and so cool that you installed the Stikwood on the ceiling!!

  8. OMG, what an amazing closet!! So pretty and SO much function! My dream closet is on our to-do list but it’s gotten bumped way down in priority among everything else we need to get done. So until then I will live vicariously through you. :) Fantastic job!

  9. I finally made it over to see your final reveal! Wow girl, this is gorgeous! I love the wardrobes, and the lighting, and the organization! All of it really! I told my husband that the two towers next to my vanity are going to be replaced with the PAX one day, because I love it so much, and how well everything is displayed. Enjoy this gorgeous space!

    1. Thank you SO much for stopping by! It’s all from IKEA! It’s part of their Pax wardrobe system – I just bought the cabinets without the doors :)

  10. Love, love, love your closet! I am planning a small house and would like to
    know the dimensions of your closet. With this design I am sure I can plan
    a smaller but more efficient closet. Congrats!

    1. Got them! The dimensions of the closet after we moved walls was about 58-1/4″ x 76-3/4″ plus the 20″x 22-7/8″ nook for the pax unit. Comes to about 34 square feet of floor space.

      With pax unit in place there is about 16 square feet of floor to walk on (54-3/8″ x 44-1/2″). Hope that helps!

  11. Your closet looks fantastic!! I’m not sure how I missed it during the One Room Challenge (so many projects, so little time!) I’m completely obsessed with everything you did. I want to change our closet for the ORC this April and have already shown my husband – this. this is what I want! lol xo

  12. Hi Lindi! I LOVE what you did with your closet. I have a very similar layout for my bedroom closet. I see that you bought the wardrobes from Ikea. I was wondering if you could tell me how many wardrobes you bought, what add on’s that you bought to make the wardrobes functional, and how much your entire closet project cost…excluding the barn door, ceiling, ceiling light, floors and decor.

    1. Hey! I’m so glad you love it! I’ll look into getting some of that info for you soon! May have to look it up. But you can easily go on the IKEA website and type in your space dimensions and then put wardrobes in to see what fits!

      1. Thank you so much for your quick reply! A year and a half ago we bought a house that needs updating in every room and closet. It can be a little stressful at times. Trying to figure out the best way to maximize our space within a reasonable budget is not always easy. Also the fear of not liking your renovation is terrifying to me. So when I found your pin, I feel in love with the layout and design. So functional. Love it. Thank you for your willingness to help out with that info! I will defiantly take a look on the Ikea website. Love that store!!

  13. This gives me so much inspiration, i looked at ikea and dont see the accessory for the pants rack type of thing, do you know what they call them or direct link? thanks so much

    1. Aren’t the pants hangers great?! I LOVE them! They call them “Komplement pull-out pants hanger” on the site. If you search that it should come up :)

      1. yes they are awesome! it makes me rethink my whole closet idea. thank you so much i will give that a search

      2. I don’t know if I missed it but did you mention the measurements of the closet space and the shelving?

  14. Hi there! I absolutely love this closet! Would it be possible to get the demensions of the closet pleeeeeaaaase! I love it so much I want to make one myself ;)

  15. This is stunning and exactly what I have been looking for! Can you tell me which pax closet system pieces you used? Ah-mazing job!!

  16. This is SOOOO beautiful!! I have been searching all over trying to find rods for a corner like you have in yours, but can not seem to find anything long enough and not curved. Where on earth did you find your corner rods/hardware ?!

  17. Love the closet! It’s adorable. I pinned it several months ago as a great idea for a closet makeover, but I’ve been waiting to close on my house before I actually gave it more thought. Now that I have, I’m curious to know which Ikea PAX pieces you used for the L-shaped section of the closet? I have a tiny closet, but I believe I could make this work. Thanks!

  18. Late to the game here, but I just found this on Pinterest. I love your closet! I’ve been looking for way to do my corners and that’s what I want. I know you said it is Pax, but I don’t see the corner unit on Ikea’s website? Am I missing something? Or is it part of a bigger unit? I need two corner solutions just like that and then I can plan my closet makeover. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Terri! We actually just bought a new ikea wardrobe for a new home and they JUST discontinued the corner units like ours :( There are some new corner units though, they just don’t look quite the same as this one anymore. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks for your response! I might cry because that corner is so perfect. I didn’t see any Pax corners online. Did you find the new corners in a different line? Thanks for your help!

  19. I love your closet, i have a small one as well and looking to do something with it, can i ask what the dimensions are? I am in awww with this.. great job..

    1. They are small lights available at Ikea, where I bought the rest of the closet organizers! The staff there can direct you as to which lights can go in which sections :)

  20. Hi! I found your wardrobe through Pinterest and I love it! I am thinking of building a similar size walk in myself and was just wondering about the depths of your pax wardrobes. Are they the same depth? I was thinking of using the 35 cm deep ones (13,7 inches?) and is wondering if they will be deep enough to have a clothing rack on! I am so sad they discontinued the corner piece!!

    1. Hi :) So glad you loved the closet! I used the thinner wardrobes on the side of the closet that the pants are hanging in. I think it would be a bit thin for hangers with shirts, but it’s perfect for the pants! And the drawers underneath were big enough for all of my delicates and t-shirts, lol. Hope that helps! I’m bummed about that corner piece too :( We are using the new style in a closet this month, hopefully it will still look great!

  21. So cute! I’m just finding this on Pinterest as well. We’re remodeling our master suite to have his and hers closets… could you tell me what the dimensions are in yours?

  22. Gorgeous!! Very inspiring! Can I ask you what’s the width and lenght of the room? I’m thinking of putting the wider PAX (50cm) in the longer side, but not sure I’d be able to open the drawers… Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! Your best option for seeing if your idea will work, is stopping by the IKEA site and building your own Pax wardrobe online. You can input your own dimensions of your closet and it will help you determine if the pieces you want to use will fit :) Good luck!

  23. This is amazing!! Could you share the dimensions of your closet? I’m wondering if my small master closet is big enough to pull this kind of arrangement off.

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