Modern Minimalist Canvas Art [+ a Cricut Explore Air Giveaway]

Beautiful DIY white and black art framed in natural wood! Love the typography and the quote. Perfect modern, minimalist or nordic addition to your home!

Did you know you can pay $80 Canadian for a print like this on Etsy? Or you can make your own for less than $20! I made one Modern Canvas a few weeks ago for next to nothing, and now I’ve made another! Let me share with you how I made my Modern Minimalist Canvas Art.

Use a Cricut to cut the vinyl letters for this awesome project!

*This project was sponsored by Cricut. As always, opinions are 100% my own.*

I will be filling my walls with my own artwork. I love having original pieces but I can never justify the cost. I can justify the 20 minutes to make this project though.

Materials to Complete This Project: 

Cricut Explore Air™ 2
Black Iron-On Vinyl
12″ x 12″ Canvas
(See how to frame canvas HERE)

Using a Cricut to cut letters makes this DIY a breeze!

Start by opening the cut file. You can access my design file in the Cricut Design Space HERE. Or you can make your own file using the IT Stylus Com Regular Font.

Make sure you reverse the image before you cut your file. Place the vinyl with the shiny protective layer down, and then use a weeding tool to help peel away the negative parts of your design.

Make sure your letters are reversed before cutting them out.

When the design is cut, place it on the 12″ x 12″ canvas, exactly where you want it to sit.

I painted my canvas white, and framed it prior to adding the text.

The canvas was painted white and framed prior to adhering the letters.

Once the text was in place, I used the iron on the no-steam setting to adhere to text to the canvas. You must hold the iron over each letter for at least 10 seconds while it sets.

Ironing the letters makes this project fast and easy!

When the iron-on has set, peel back the protective layer and you are done!

This modern minimalist canvas art project makes a great addition to any home!

Where shall I put this in my new home? I’m thinking my office… What do you think?

"Perfection is Boring!" but this art is not.
So simple, yet so beautiful!
Learn how to make this easy modern minimalist canvas art print today!


DIY Modern Canvas Art

49 thoughts on “Modern Minimalist Canvas Art [+ a Cricut Explore Air Giveaway]

  1. I love these signs but can’t believe hoe expensive they are! I’d love be able to make them myself,

  2. Love that saying.
    I love making cards and gifts for friends and family. I’m newly retired and this is definetly not in the budget.
    Would ❤️ to win one!

  3. I would make cards, pictures, shirts for my grandchildren, decorated home decor items, Christmas ornaments and so many more things. I have been wanting a Cricut Explore for so long!

  4. I would make this and many other things if I had a cricut. We’re adopting my 3 yo foster daughter and i’m dying to make things for her room! Good luck to everyone entering!

  5. I am a first-year teacher who loves to craft. I would use this awesome machine not only to help make my classroom an beautiful place to be but also to make crafts for my home too! This project would be cute for gifts for my coworkers and decor in my classroom!

  6. I am a first-year teacher who loves to craft. I would use this awesome machine not only to help make my classroom an beautiful place to be but also to make crafts for my home too!

  7. My walls are so bare and my husband keeps telling me we need stuff on them. I tell him that I will make some awesome wall art when I get myself a cricut! Sadly, my budget won’t allow for one for quite a while. Eventually, I’ll have one and my house will be so awesome with custom decor :)

  8. Have been contemplating between a Cricut and a Silhouette. Just want something like this to make some easy art! Love the print!

  9. If I won the Cricut bundle I would give my older Cricut to my dil to use for her classroom. I would use the new Cricut to start a home business.

  10. I have been wanting one o these for a while, but haven’t had the money to buy it. I could use it it to get started on all of the projects I have been saving to make and decorate, or make and sell to start my own crafting/repurposing business.

  11. i love the canvas. i am so glad somebody else is not farmhouyse style. the answer to the question what would i do with the cricut is everything!!!!! i have seen so many projects and ideas i would like to try its hard to pick one,

  12. Love it & I think it’s a great place for you to have it in your home! I think I will bake one too, just with some different words…

  13. The possibilities really are endless! I love this idea too! So simple! I don’t think i’d ever leave the craft room if I had a Circuit!

  14. I would make all my Christmas and Birthday gifts with it….there is probably a whole lot more I would do with it as well, but until I have that baby in my hands I really have no realistic idea what it is capable of….but I am lovin’ it already!!

  15. I would make a beautiful banner for my daughter-in-law for her baby shower… The ideas are endless!!

  16. I’m going to be starting my own business soon. I will be redoing furniture etc. so this would be great to make stencils for my projects, as well as home projects too.

  17. I would love to WIN this. I don’t know what I would exactly do but everything I want to do everything with it, that’s possible. I have never own one cause I can not afford it so this could be the only way I could have one❤️

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