Modern Flower Arrangements for Spring

An easy tutorial for beginners! Learn to arrange beautiful spring centrepieces for Easter, Mother’s Day, Weddings, or any party! Love the stunning white and green arrangements in this video tutorial!

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Welcome to Spring! The snow is finally starting to melt in our northern neck of the woods. I may not have any blooms outside yet (PS – I’m so jealous if you do!), but we can still bring some flowers inside to help it feel like spring. This month for our Modern Handmade Home series we are using fresh florals in some beautiful modern flower arrangements!

My immediate thought was “yay!”, followed quickly by “uh oh!”, lol. I enjoy putting flowers in vases, but I had never really tacked down my “arrangement” process. So I kept it very simple –  and recorded a video to show off exactly what I did!

Assorted vases for the modern flower arrangements

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To start, I gathered a few vases of different sizes and shapes from my cupboards. Almost all of these were collected from thrift stores – the small one was from Amazon (similar) :)

Foam block to arrange the flowers

The best way to keep your flowers in the same position after arranging them is by using floral foam. The green floral foam above is a Floracraft Wet Foam Brick.

Soaking the foam block in water to hydrate the flowers

The Wet Foam Bricks will fill slowly absorb water to keep your fresh florals hydrated while it keeps them in place. In my mind, modern flower arrangements often look to be more “free form” arrangements – not over-planned. Having the floral foam in place still allows the flowers to stay secure when I’m moving the vases around, but still lets me feel like my arrangements are free form. Win-win!

Cutting the foam blocks to fit inside the vases for the modern flower arrangements

Once the foam was soaked through with water, I used a utility knife to slice the foam into the correct shapes for my vases.

Vases with various sized foam blocks

In this picture below you can see how I stuck the stems into the floral foam at angles – even criss-crossing the bottom stems when I wanted them to angle out more :)

Arranging the greenery for the modern flower arrangements

How to make your own modern flower arrangements:

This type of tutorial is always better with visuals! So let me show you how I put my arrangements together :)

Hope you enjoyed the video! Let me know if you have any questions!

One thing I didn’t mention is that you still need to fill your vases with water. So soak the wet floral foam, put your stems in, and then add water to keep everything hydrated :)

Completed modern flower arrangements

Here are each of the vases after my modern floral arrangements were done!

Completed flower arrangements
White vase with white flowers
Black vase with white flowers
Small white vase with white flowers for the modern flower arrangements
Tall vase with single flower stems
Single daisy in a bottle vase

Wouldn’t they look beautiful in the background at a wedding shower? Or on the table for a Spring party?

I used mine as Spring Centerpieces for a modern Mother’s Day Tablescape. Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing the whole table next week!

Modern flower arrangements on a tablescape

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