Modern Coffee Table Build Plans

Build this beautiful Modern Coffee Table with the free build plans provided. What a beautiful addition to your living room!

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Modern coffee table in a living room

You know that feeling when you make something really, really  awesome and you can’t wait to show it off?! Or is that just me….? Well today is the day for that my friends! I’ve had a mish-mash of furniture in my living room ever since my husband and I moved in together. Even though there is still a lot of change that needs to happen *cough*newcouches*cough*, I am SO excited to be sharing the build plans for our brand new Modern Coffee Table. 

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I look at this photo and I can’t even believe that it’s my living room. It’s amazing how changing one piece of furniture can completely transform a space!

Finished Modern Coffee Table

Modern coffee table placed in front of a leather sofa

I LOVE the design I came up with for this build. I’ve had it my my head for what seems like a loooong time. My husband (aka. my woodworking guru) of course helped me with the build and I’m so glad we were able to get it done.

There were a few things I needed out of this new coffee table 1) Something that could withstand a beating from toddlers, 2) Something modern and chic, 3) Something that showed the beautiful natural grain of the wood. I think we accomplished all of that on this project!

Topside image of the modern coffee table

I love the way the legs come up to the same level of the tabletop so that you can see the different wood grains next to one another.

Legs of the modern coffee table

We also made sure to add adjustable feet because if measurements of sanding are even 1/8″ off, it can make for a very teetery coffee table.

Side view of the wooden modern coffee table

Free Build Plans for your Modern Coffee Table

I teamed up with Kreg Tool Company and Build Something to bring you these great free build plans.

Build Something is the new DIY project site from Kreg Tool Company where they share great DIY build projects. I guarantee that you will be inspired to build when you visit the site!

More Free Build Plans

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Free build plans for this beautiful rustic industrial furniture piece. This DIY shelf would look perfect in any living room, family room, or in the kitchen as a side board! Love the idea!
Free build plans for this beautiful rustic industrial furniture piece. This DIY shelf would look perfect in any living room, family room, or in the kitchen as a side board! Love the idea!

What do you think?! Would you build this for your home?

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32 thoughts on “Modern Coffee Table Build Plans

  1. Looks nice but since you are using building lumber that’s hasn’t been sufficiently kiln dried for interior furniture how do you prevent it from shrinking and possibly cracking once the moisture in the wood equalizes with your indoor humidity? It’s going to drop 5-6% moisture over 6months to a year which will result in quite a bit of shrinking. I see a lot is diyers using building lumber and cringe at what the stuff looks like after a year in a stable humidity.

    1. Hey! Yeah, I should definitely have clarified that we’ve had that wood stacked in our heated garage for well over a year and that we’ve used it with other projects so we knew it was ready to build with. Thanks for your comment! Great info for those who may not have known this!

    1. Awesome! I’d LOVE to see a pic if you make it! I still have the cheap IKEA end tables (as you can see in the pics!) and I can’t wait to upgrade those too!

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