Mini Deer Pallet Ornament

DIY deer ornament

If you’re a regular blog reader here, than you already know that I LOVE my Cricut Explore. I love it so much in fact, that I’ve teamed up with 12 amazing Canadian bloggers to show you just what a Cricut Explore can do! We have made 12 festive ornaments using our Cricut. I can’t wait for you to see what everyone is up to, including these DIY Mini Deer Pallet Ornaments!

Cricut leather for the deer ornament

*Some of the materials in this post were provided by Cricut and Beacon Adhesives. This post may also contain affiliate links. For more information, please read my disclosure policy*

I used leather for the deer head in this project—mostly because I really wanted to cut leather on my machine! You can use vinyl, or felt, or any material you like.

Materials I Used:

White Leather
Cricut Explore
Cricut Transfer Tape
Thick Popsicle Sticks (dollar store)
Wood Stain
Power Tac Glue
Jute String

How to Make Your Own Mini Deer Pallet Ornament:

Prepping for the pallet ornaments with cricut leather

When you cut leather on your Cricut Explore, you may need a deep cutting blade. My leather wasn’t terribly thick, so the regular blade did the trick. There are two reasons for using transfer tape on the back of the leather: It keeps the leather firm and it protects your Cricut cutting mats from the fibrous material. (You want your mat to last as long as possible!) It does a perfect job of cutting the miniature deer ornament!

Cricut works well for this project

First, cut the transfer tape so that it covers the piece of leather you are cutting.

Two options for my deer head

I did two versions of these deer, because I wasn’t sure which one I liked better. The ones pictured in this post are the smaller deer heads in the photo. You can access my design HERE, when you sign in to your Cricut Design Space.

Set the dial on your Cricut to "custom" for these ornaments

Next, set the dial on your Cricut to “custom,” and then select “Leather – 2mm” from the options menu.

Here's how the deer looks after the Cricut cuts it

Your Cricut will automatically do 3 or 4 cuts, and the deer should come out perfectly!

Popsicle sticks for these cute ornamentsCut them down to make the mini pallet

Next, grab those popsicles and cut them for the mini pallet. The four across were 3.5″ each, and the top and bottom pieces were just over 3″ each.

Trim the popsicle sticks down to size Once cut, you can stain them if you like

Once they are cut, you can use wood stain to stain the popsicle sticks if you want to.

Get ready to glue. Power Tac is my go to glue of choice for projects like this.

When it comes to glues, I can be very picky! (Does that make me sound like a snobby DIYer?! lol.) I just don’t like glue guns leaving strings and globs, and not letting my projects sit flat. Power-Tac was the perfect glue for the job!

Here's all you need to make sure this adorable ornament stays together

I used the Power-Tac glue to attach the pallet popsicles, and the jute string to the back. It holds so well, I won’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon!

DIY Rustic Pallet Ornaments

What do you think of my little rustic ornaments?! I hope I inspired you to make something this Christmas!

Simple to make DIY pallet ornaments Make your own pallet ornaments Mininature Deer Ornaments

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13 other Christmas ornaments

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80 thoughts on “Mini Deer Pallet Ornament

  1. OMGosh this is too cute! My first thought was ‘where did she get that adorable little pallet” and then read how you made it with the popsicle sticks – genius!!! Love this idea and thank you for sharing your creativity!

  2. I have so many idea’s although I am totally a newbe. We moved from the city to the country & I am so in need of a hobby. This looks amazing. I am entering in hopes I can learn & let my creative mind flow. Thanks for this chance

  3. My baby bug just died so this would be an amazing upgrade! These deer would be just perfect for my new son in law who is a hunter! We also have a new grand daughter on the way and I have so many ideas for decor and scrapbook pages and albums! Thank you for the chance!

  4. I really like this ornament. Thanks for sharing the instructions. I might try another way of making the deer since I don’t have a Cricut Explore, yet :)

  5. I saw some tree decorations make with vinyl that was cut on a Cricut that I would love to make. The ornaments you showed are really cute too!

  6. Looks great! I had tried cutting fabric with transfer tape as the backing and it was not as clean a cut as yours! I love that you used a textured leather. Top notch!

  7. I LOVE this ornament! Okay, first I would make a car sign for my business, then a few stencils for craft things I am making!

  8. These are too cute! I love all the Christmas ideas that can be done with a cricut! So many crafts could be easily accomplished with one!

  9. I made 11 of these for the men in my Department at work. They all loved them. I did mine with brown vinyl and wrote on the top: Oh deer … and on the bottom It’s almost Christmas. I so love giving homemade gifts from presents. Extremely glad I found your design.

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