Make Beautiful Canvas Art [in less than an hour!]

Looking for a DIY tutorial to create amazing canvas art for your home? This video tutorial is easy to follow to help you create your own canvas wall art.

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Today I’m sharing the final DIY from my Modern Industrial Guest Bedroom. If you weren’t here when I started the challenge, I went on a crazy adventure to completely transform our guest bedroom in six weeks and I was SO happy with the room! This room is full of DIYS, like our Industrial Wall Sconces, my DIY Decorative Metal Orbs, and my Industrial Side Table. This DIY canvas art video tutorial marks the official end to my Modern Industrial Guest Bedroom *tear*, but I’m SO happy to share it! 

DIY Canvas Wall Art

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Large Canvas (I used 30″ x 40″)
Acrylic Paints
(I used 5 colors – white, cream, grey, dark grey, navy)
Two paintbrushes

Paint colors for the DIY canvas art
Paintbrushes used to create the beautiful canvas art

I’m going to jump in by saying that I am NOT an artist. I may be creative, but painting of any sort is not one of my skills (yet!). This however, is artwork that I CAN do! I honestly made this painting in less than an hour while my mom was visiting. She drank tea and chatted with me while I painted (see Mom, I told you I’d edit out our conversation! lol).

I promise you can make this and you will LOVE it. Check out the quick video tutorial!

How to Make Your Own DIY Canvas Art: 

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Amazing canvas wall art you can make yourself

The only thing that I didn’t mention in the video was that I added the grey border to the artwork after it was done drying. I didn’t want the edges to stay white, and I had accidentally gotten some paint on the sides :) Painting the edge is the perfect way to finish off the piece!

This art makes such a huge statement! Everyone that enters the room mentions the artwork and loves it. I’m thrilled that I was able to share it here today!

The finished guest bedroom with the new wall art
Completed DIY canvas art

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43 thoughts on “Make Beautiful Canvas Art [in less than an hour!]

      1. Hi I was just wondering how you would do this with pastel pink,greys and white? Would you NEED to use a darker pink or are you still able to achieve the same effect with? If so what colour do you use first?

        1. I think you could definitely achieve the same effect! I would probably try the pink first, so that you can leave some of it pure in the middle without blending. If you want you can buy tiny canvases and experiment with the way your colours mix before you add them to a large canvas too :)

          1. Yes, but only slightly! Just dipped it in water and then wiped it on a paper towel. I didn’t worry about getting it totally clean because I wanted the colours to blend anyway :)

  1. I don’t know why I thought I should only us the same size pics for my posts, this post looks very cool, I like the way you have a combination of vertical and horizontal. Digging that canvas painting.

  2. This is so gorgeous! And I love how easy your technique is. Thanks for linking up with Creative Spark last week; I’m featuring your DIY painting at this week’s party. Hope you’ll link up again this week – the party goes live at 6am EST tomorrow :)

  3. I loved the colors you picks and how you make it look so simple to do. I featured you on A Little Bird Told Me Link Party and I’ve got to admit, I’m going to try my hand at creating a masterpiece of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This is great and I love the final result!!! Two questions. Did you varnish this after to stop yellowing, dust, etc? Others suggest that we do that but not sure if it’s necessary. Second question. I bought an acrylic print from Winners and I love it but it sure could use some colour. What are your thoughts on going in and adding a bit of colour to something you’ve bought?

    1. Hey! So glad you love the piece! I did not varnish mine, and it’s been up for a couple of years without any yellowing or changes in colour so far! Also, I would be wary of painting something I bought, just because you don’t know what kind of finish they used, and you wouldn’t be able to achieve the same blended look. But if it’s a piece that you won’t hang without changing the colours, then why not experiment! lol.

  5. This is so beautiful! Would you suggest waiting to let the paint dry if I wanted to do two different colors so they don’t run? I want to do navy with a coral/peachy color.

    1. You definitely could do that, but I think you would like the blended look better! I would suggest you try out both methods on a scrap piece of cardboard and see what you like better :)

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