Magazine Rack Makeover

Magazine Rack Makeover

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It’s my favourite time of the month!! It’s Home Depot Gift Challenge time! If you haven’t been here for one before, each month we chose ONE item from Home Depot and ONE gift recipient, and then this amazing group of bloggers creates gifts! This month we were challenged to make something for a friend using natural rope, and I knew right away that I wanted to make a tabletop. Once I found the perfect piece of thrifted furniture, I was ready for my Magazine Rack Makeover

Home Depot Gift Challenge

*Note: This challenge is not sponsored by Home Depot, we just like their products!*

Magazine Rack Makeover

Once I knew I wanted to make a rope tabletop, I needed the perfect piece of furniture… preferably something with a round top. So I ventured out to the one and only furniture thrift shop near by… and luckily found this beauty! An old magazine rack was perfect!

Magazine Rack Makeover

I started by rubbing down the entire piece with
to remove any old wax and grease. Then I sanded the piece by hand just to help everything adhere better.

Blush Pink Paint Behr

While I was at Home Depot buying my natural rope, I also stopped by the paint department and bought the softest shade of pink that I could find in a paint and primer – it was called Vienna Lace. When the table was clean and sanded, I gave it not one, not two, but three coats of paint. I also used a brush instead of a roller, because I wanted the look of the brush strokes rather than a very cleanly painted piece.

Magazine Rack Makeover

When the piece was ready, I took the table top off, and started added my rope. I began a the bottom, side edge, make sure to leave a bit of extra rope unglued at the end. Then I slowly added
LePage PL Premium
glue, and slowly wove the rope around the edges, gradually moving upwards and inwards. You must unravel all of the rope in order to make sure there are no bends and kinks as you are gluing rope down.

DIY Rope Tabletop

You can see in this photo above that I had to start a new piece of rope about half way through the project. I lined it up perfectly, glued them both down with
LePage PL Premium
, and you’d never know where the rope pieces started and ended! The glue I used was perfect too because the colour blended exactly with the natural rope! (It was my husbands idea… I was going a different direction and was skeptical of his suggestion… but as with all things in the garage, he was right!).

Here’s the completed table in all it’s glory:

Magazine Rack Makeover

I styled it a bit, and put it up in my master bedroom, where it will live permanently as part of my Master Bedroom Makeover :)

Magazine Rack Makeover IMG_0538b DIY Rope Tabletop Magazine Rack Makeover DIY Rope Tabletop

Hope you liked it!
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41 thoughts on “Magazine Rack Makeover

  1. I think I need this quote framed in my garage “I was going a different direction and was skeptical of his suggestion… but as with all things in the garage, he was right!” :)

    table looks great – good work!!!

    1. Hahahah – I’ll have to edit the article later… Lol. The garage is your niche. I. Still right about everything else! Lol.

    1. Thank you!! I’m thrilled with the end result. Can’t wait to put my whole master bedroom together now!!

    1. I agree completely!! I would actually want to keep the table now! Lol. I can’t wait to shoe off the finished room either! Hopefully soon!!

    1. Thanks Shelly! I was actually going to make curtains, but then I found these for a great price at winners :)

    1. Thank you so much Amy! We are hopefully putting the final touches on the master bedroom in the next couple of weeks, so you should see it all come together very soon!!

  2. I love your magazine rack table. Simply adorable! Love the rope and the white color – have you thought of putting a piece of glass or acrylic over the rope in case of spills? I’d sure have to do that at my house! This makeover is a sure winner!

    1. Thank you for the kind words!! I definitely did think about a glass top! But it would have to be custom because the shape is oval. I haven’t had any issues though with an uneven surface. I find the rope top to be very even!

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