Industrial Watch Holder

Industrial Pipe Watch Holder

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Do you have anyone on your list that is virtually impossible to buy for?! Either thet have everything, or they only want expensive things (like my husband with his tools!), or they never want anything. That’s why I LOVE DIY gifts – they solve all those problems! The only exception is DIY gifts for men. There are never enough ideas out there. That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to share this DIY Industrial Watch Holder. One more “gift for him” idea! I’m also join 15 other amazing Canadian bloggers who are sharing their great gifts, so don’t forget to check them out at the end of the post! 

Industrial Watch Holder 2

I made this watch holder for my husband, who had a very specific spot for it, but you don’t have to model your watch holder after mine. You can design your own however you like as long as you keep in mind, 1) the piece has to be balanced (don’t put all the pipe on one side!) 2) use hardware that all has the same diameter, and 3) make sure you don’t close off the ends, unless you know your recipient has watches that unclasp completely.

If you’d like to follow my design, here is what I used:
(ALL 1/2″ diameter)

8 black steel pipe pieces of various lengths
[1 x 1.5″, 3 x 2″, 1 x 3″, 1 x 3.5″, 2 x 5″]
2 black steel pipe tees
4 black steel pipe 90 degree elbows
1 black steel pipe plug
3 black steel pipe caps

Watch Holder Parts

Using all of the above pieces, I assembled my watch holder. You probably will want to wear gloves while you do this. I did this just by screwing on the pieces, one-by-one, until I couldn’t twist anymore, and then forcing them a bit further so that they were at the correct angle. I often attached a piece of pipe at the end to act as a lever to pull the pipe together. You want it to be REALLY tight so that it won’t budge or loosen later.

Pipe Rack Together

Once all the pieces were attached and in place, I used paper towel and Acetone to wipe all of the grease away. Once you are done wiping (doesn’t take too long), you can spray the entire piece with Clear Matte Paint (sorry, apparently I photographed the french side of my container!). Spray a few times, turning the piece to make sure you get all of the sides.

Pipe Materials

Instead of describing step-by-step which pieces I added, I’ll show you some close-up photos to tell the story. Just follow the photos to piece everything together :)

You want to start at one end and move on from there. For my piece I started a this back end cap (top right in photo below), and slowly added and tightened one piece at a time.

Back of Watch HolderWatch Holder TeeIndustrial Watch Holder BottomWatch Holder Cap

This whole project only took me an hour or two to build and clean. SUPER fast to make!
A masculine gift he may actually like!

Industrial Watch Holder front Industrial Watch Holder Side Watch Holder Front Watch Holder Top View Industrial Pipe Holder Industrial Pipe Watch Holder

Hope you found some inspiration today!

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