Industrial Side Table

Build your own beautiful Industrial Side Table! Transform any old side table into a beautiful new piece in just a few simple steps!

Industrial Side Table with text overlay

With this industrial side table makeover, I’m joining 11 other AMAZING Canadian bloggers to share 12 #MarchWoodworking projects for #12MonthsofDIY! I had a plain Jane old side table that I bought when I first moved out on my own. Since I’ve been married, it’s been sitting in our guest bedroom, usually gathering dust. I’m planning to re-vamp the entire guest bedroom this Spring, so I thought it was the perfect time to give this side table a makeover.

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Here’s what this side table looked like before the industrial side table makeover:

Before picture of Side Table

Please excuse the horrible grainy photo! I got SO excited about this table makeover that I forgot to take a before picture! This, unfortunately, is the only one I have. It still shows off the boring basics of the table though.

How to Make your Industrial Side Table

Materials Needed


  • Table saw
  • Planer
  • Drill
  • Chop Saw
  • Sander
  • Grinder

Step-by-step Tutorial for your Industrial Side Table

Paint for Industrial Side Table

I was SO excited to work with Fusion Mineral Paints on this project. They have the most gorgeous colours, plus the paint won’t crack, fade, or discolour over time.  Check out their Pinterest page for colour inspiration. I chose to use the colours Ash (deep grey) and Casement (off-white)

Painting the Table

I started by taking apart my existing table, and painting each individual piece. Honestly, the paint went on SO smoothly! I did a second coat, just to be sure everything was covered, but I could’ve gotten away with just one coat of paint.

Painting the Table
Painting the drawer

I wanted the inside of my drawer to pop out. Plus, I hate when you have a really dark drawer and you can’t see your things inside! So I used the Casement paint to brighten up the drawer. With the lighter colour on the dark original paint, two coats was definitely needed (only 1 coat of paint pictured above).

cutting the board lengths

First, use the Chop Saw to cut the length needed to cover your table. My table top was 20 1/8″ long, so I cut four boards at 20 1/8″.

cutting the board widths

Next, use the table saw to cut your pieces (from the previous step) to the correct width. My table was 20″ wide, so I cut each of my four boards down to 5″ wide.

cut boards on top of table

When I was done cutting, my 5″ x 20 1/8″ boards fit perfectly over top of the existing side table.

using the planer on the boards

When I was done, I sent each individual piece through the planer (takes off tiny layers of wood at a time) a few times to make sure that they would lay flat on the tabletop and they would all be uniform.

sanding the boards

Then I sanded all sides of each piece to make sure they were smooth.

drilling the boards

The last step before staining, was to make sure that I had my drill holes in place for the “bolted” industrial look. I put a drill hole about 1.5″ from the edge of each side, directly in the center. First drill a pilot hole, and then drill a countersunk hole using a drill bit (fostner bit) that is the same size as your bolt so that the bolt will sink down and end up at the same level as your wood.

Industrial bolts

I chose to use 8 of these carriage bolts, but they were too long, so my handy hubby got out the grinder and chopped them down to the width of my boards.

grinding the bolts to size
clamping the stained boards in place on the table

Next, stain and varnish your piece (not pictured) and let it dry overnight. You can also spray paint your carriage bolts at this point. I painted ours a gloss black. When it is dry, you are ready for your final step! Clamp your wood pieces to the top of your painted side table. I clamped onto thin boards above the stained boards to hold them all at once.

screwing the boards in place

Screw into the boards from underneath, Double check that your screws are the right length. You want them to go into the stained boards, but not through them.

Industrial Side Table with attached boards
applying epoxy to bolt holes

Mix some epoxy, drip it into the pre-drilled holes on top, and put your faux bolts inside.

DONE! Now go admire your new re-vamped industrial side table :)

Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table

I also added new hardware… the plain old wooden knob wasn’t doing it for me!

Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table
Industrial Side Table with text overlay

Hope you liked the tutorial! Please leave any comments or questions!

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Industrial Side Table

Industrial Side Table

Yield: 1

Build your own beautiful Industrial Side Table! Transform any old side table into a beautiful new piece in just a few simple steps! 


  • Old side table
  • Paint (I used Ash and Casement by Fusion Mineral Paints)
  • 1x6's
  • Carriage bolts
  • Black spray paint (optional)
  • Wood stain
  • Varnish
  • Epoxy


  • Table saw
  • Planer
  • Drill
  • Chop Saw
  • Sander
  • Grinder


  1. Take apart your existing table and paint each individual piece (2 coats if required)
  2. Use the chop saw to cut the lengths of the boards needed to cover your table
  3. Use the table saw to cut the boards to the correct width
  4. Use the planer to ensure all boards are uniform
  5. Sand all sides of each board
  6. Drill pilot holes and then countersink holes in your boards
  7. Stain and varnish your boards and let dry overnight
  8. Spray paint your carriage bolts
  9. Clamp the boards to the top of the side table
  10. Screw into the boards from underneath
  11. Mix some epoxy, drip it into the pre-drilled holes on top, and put your faux bolts inside
  12. Add new hardware for drawer handle, if required

48 thoughts on “Industrial Side Table

  1. This is amazing, I love it! Have you considered producing furniture on the side..? You have mad skills, lady! :)

    1. Haha. I probably could! But then I’d have to make the same thing over and over again. I like trying new things!

  2. I am amazed with how you took a blah piece and turned it into quite a stunning one-of-a -kind showpiece! It really is beautiful!

  3. Ok, I’m totally impressed with how you did this! It’s gorgeous! I’m trying to learn power tools as a goal this year. You’ve got that down. Great job.

  4. Wowzers! This is just amazing, what a way to revamp that boring table, I absolutely love the colours and I totally agree, dark drawers drive me crazy, you just can’t find anything! Excellent job!

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  6. Wowza! I hope you had time to do both side tables! What a fantastic colour too, I had considered it for something myself. The dark stain on the wood is truly what completes the look. Well done!

  7. You did an awesome makeover. I love it! I have never thought of adding wood to the top of a table like that. It just changes up the piece, and not that hard to do. I really like that you can see the wood grain, and the fuax bolts. Great job! I am going to be looking at some of my older pieces and maybe give them a makeover like this. Thanks for sharing! Pinning!

    1. Thank you so much Linda! I’d love to see what you make! Tag me on facebook, twitter or instagram if you do fix up a piece :)

  8. Wow Lindi!
    You do work wonders! Your side table makeover turned out beautiful! Nicely done! Definitely going to be one of my features this week!
    Hope you are having a wonderful Monday so far.

  9. Love it! Can I ask what color stain you used? It looks great! I need to put a finish on my new table I built and I’m having a hard time choosing.

  10. That looks great! I’m thinking instead of an alarm clock, I’d put a mini cuckoo clock to put some attitude to the side table :-)

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