Fruit Christmas Tree

A party at my house with all of my workmates inspired me to make something festive to munch on. 
With everyone else bringing snacks to share, I thought a healthy snack might be a good choice this time.
So I went about building a Christmas tree out of fruit! 
Step one: Cut of the bottom of an apple to stabilize the tree structure.

Step two: Cut a hole in the top of the apple, just slightly bigger than the width of your carrot and stick the carrot on top. Make sure it’s a tight fit!

Step three: Cut up all the fruit you want to use, and stick each piece on a toothpick to be inserted onto the apple/carrot structure.
(we actually found it easier to put the toothpick in first, and then put the fruit on)
This was the fun part :)

Done! Garnish however you like and serve! 
We made it the same day that we served it – a few hours early so that it was still fresh.
None of our guests wanted to eat the fruit at first. I think it looked too pretty to wreck. But once they started, the tree disappeared in no time :)


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