Five months


Eleanor is now 15lbs 1.2oz, and 25 inches long!

She is changing every day. She is working on growing her teeth, which brings exhaustion (to all of us!).  Visited her third Canadian province. Constantly practicing her raspberries. Still loving bath time, and now loving the pool too! She’s hesitant about rolling, and still detests tummy time, but she has completed a few full 360s now. She talks all the time (like her mommy!). She likes the taste of her toes. She’s still trying to get her full fist in her mouthShe loves her pink bunny and her pink ball. She’s almost sitting up – just requires some support at the hips. Her giggle puts me in stitches. Her happiness is contagious. I grieve as I watch her “babyness” disappear, but I so love watching her grow and change. So far, month five is the best month ever!

IMG_8128 IMG_8114 IMG_8120 IMG_8145 IMG_8116 IMG_8123 IMG_8135 IMG_8150


4 thoughts on “Five months

  1. She’s so cute! I can’t believe how much she’s changed in just a couple of weeks. Enjoy the rest of your time with family and friends! (It might be really hard to come back to GP…)

    1. I know! My vacation time is flying by! I think we’ll be ready to come home by the time our vacation is done though :) there’s no place like home!

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