Fall Milk Bottles


If you are looking for a really simple project to add some colour or decorative elements to your space, then this is the right tutorial. This project is very simple, and takes no time at all.
It allowed me to add something fresh to my fall mantle this year :) 


3 colours of paint (I just used acrylic paints)
3 milk jugs
3 foam brushes
painters tape
Mod podge antique matte (optional)
Jute string (optional)


From here, the project is simple!
Use the painters tape to tape off the sections of the jars that you don’t want painted. Make sure the tape is tightly adhered to the jar or your paint will seep under the tape.


Then you paint the jars and let them dry on an old flyer or scrap paper. After a few minutes when the paint has started drying, peel off the tape. The tape should come off easily, and you will be able to see if any of your paint seeped into areas where you don’t want it. If it did, now is the time to carefully scrap it off. A little water and a paper towel will work great.

IMG_1893b IMG_1917b

When they were done, they still looked a little too “shiny and new” for me, so I got out my mod podge antique matte and wiped them a couple times from top to bottom. It took away the shiny glean from the bottles, and helped them look slightly more worn.
I was much happier with the final product!


In the end, I also wrapped just string around the tops of the jars to make them more complete, and to match the feel of the rest of the mantle :)
I had already taken some pictures without it though.

IMG_3329b IMG_3251b

This is a really simple project to make at any season, or to make as a gift (like a Mother’s day vase?!). Hope you like it. Go get creative!


20 thoughts on “Fall Milk Bottles

  1. So cute! I’m not a DIYer at all but do love to decorate especially for fall (who doesn’t?!), and this looks easy enough that I could do it! Great idea, and I LOVE your mantel!

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