Eleven months


Eleanor is now 20lbs, 8oz, and 27 inches long!

 Although I’ve tried to slow down time, we are now only 1 short month away from Ellie’s first birthday. So many feelings flood forward as I think about her turning one, but for now, I will share who she is today. She is on the move, and she is fast! She crawls at hyper speed, cruises along furniture, and walks with helping hands. She has two teeth up top, two at the bottom, and more on the way! Her smile is radiant, but those teeth put her cuteness over the top. She is waving, clapping, and pointing at everything. She is learning more sounds, but usually just wants to make raspberries. Her first word appropriately names her puppy, “Daisy”, whom she loves. She is a baby bookworm. When she gets quiet, I always find her reading, or at least looking at the pictures and turning the pages of her books :) She’s been sleeping 13 hour nights, and  having one or two naps (Hallalujah!). She still pushes away from cuddles, unless she is really, really tired. She’s independent and curious – exploring everything she can, getting into everything she shouldn’t. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She loves staring at the Christmas tree, touching the ornaments, and crawling on the shiny, wrapped presents. I’m excited to watch her reactions on Christmas morning!  So far, month eleven is the best month ever!

She wasn’t very smily today, but we managed to steal a few cute photos anyway :)

IMG_4824bIMG_4826b IMG_4875b IMG_4831b IMG_4841b IMG_4856b IMG_4830b IMG_4851bIMG_4860bIMG_4862b IMG_4884b

Of course, one last picture with her puppies :)


Love you more and more every day baby girl!


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  1. Hmm, she’s independent, knows what she wants & when she wants it – sounds like another little girl I knew! Love you both!

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