DIY Gold Leaf Vase

DIY Gold Leaf Vase

Well, gold decor pieces have been popping up in my home left, right, and centre! Gold is very on trend right now, and I’ve been using the simple gold leafing techniques to add a modern flare to decorative pieces around my home! Today I’m sharing this quick tutorial so that you can transform pieces around your home. 

Create your own gold leaf vases

This post is all about the vases I made. I created some vases with beautiful straight lines, and some with a more textured, uneven appearance. I can’t decide which one I like more!


Glass vase
Gold leaf sheets
Gold leaf adhesive
Gold leaf sealer
[Or you can buy this Gold Leaf Kit]
Painter’s tape (if you want straight lines)

If you’re a visual learner (like me!) you might want to watch this quick and easy DIY Gold Leaf video tutorial!
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Did that clear everything up? I hope so! But please leave any comments or questions that you still have!

If you still want the step-by-step pictures, here are the basic steps…

If you want perfectly straight lines, apply painters tape first. When you take the tape off, you must peel very gently so that you don’t take the gold leaf off with it!

Apply painter's tape to get straight lines

Apply adhesive to the portions of the vase that you want to have gold leaf on.

Add adhesive to the vase

Apply gold leaf, piece-by-piece. This gives the vase a beautiful textured look. You can apply with large sheets, but it may be harder to remove the pieces that are not stuck on afterwards, especially if you are only applying adhesive to certain spots.

Begin adding the gold leaf

Use a small paintbrush to brush off excess gold leaf.

Brush off the excess gold leaf

Use gold leaf sealer around all of the spots that have gold leaf stuck to them to protect the piece.

Apply a gold leaf sealantLet dry, and you have a beautiful finished productDIY Gold Leaf VasesMake your own gold leaf vaseDIY Gold Leaf Vase- easy to do and so prettySimple and fun projectGold Leaf Bowls

With the bowl above, I decided to do something a bit different and ended up with a beautiful textured appearance. See the whole tutorial on Clean and Scentsible today!

DIY Gold Leaf Vase Tutorial Watch a quick and easy video tutorial to show you how to apply gold leaf to any decorative item in your home!

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