Build Your Own Bath Table [with Wine Glass Holders!]

Build your own DIY Bath Table with this simple tutorial! Love that this bathtub tray has a wine glass holder too! Perfect way to add style to your bathroom!

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Remember when I started our bathroom renovations almost a year ago?! This bath table is the final DIY project from that space. What’s an amazing bathroom without beautiful bathroom accessories?

When we renovated our bathroom, I briefly considered getting rid of the bathtub altogether, but I just couldn’t part with it! Nothing relaxes me like a warm bath, a candle, a book, and a glass of wine. So clearly I had to join them all together with a bath tub wine glass holder!

Pine board for DIY bath tray with wine glass holder

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Pine board
Your favourite wood stain
Waterproof/resistant urethane


Router or router table
Table saw or circular saw
Hammer and nails or nail gun

Tub with DIY bath tray with wine glass holder

How Do You Build Your Own Bath Table?

Measure your bathtub width. Take the width and add 4″, this will be your width for the tray (2″ overhang on each side). Take your pine shelf board and it cut it down to that width. Then cut it to the proper length (ours was 8″)

Image of DIY bath tray having spots cut for wine glasses

Using a router table, scroll saw, or jig saw cut a  1/4″ wide grooved “L” into the board. If desired, you can use a drill bit and drill a 1/4″ diameter hole at the end and at the 90 deg corner of the “L” to assist in cutting out the “L” shape. [Note: if your wine glasses have wider stems, you will need to make a wider groove!]. Our grooves were 10″ from the centre of the board.

Image of wine glass holder cut into DIY bath tray

Cut two 1.25″ x 5″ guides to go on the underside of the board (to prevent the board from sliding off the tub). Attach the guides to the underside of the board. They would be set at 1/4″ smaller than the inside width of the tub. The inside of our tub was 27″, so our guides were set at 26.5″ apart. Use finish nails and glue to attach the guides to the bottom of the board.

Preparing to stain the DIY bath tray

Sand and finish the bath tray to your desired look. I used my favourite dark stain. Then use a waterproof/resistant urethane to finish bath tray (as it will be in a wet environment).

Staining the DIY bath tray with dark stain
Stained DIY bath tray preparing to be sealed

Doesn’t the bath tub wine glass holder add something extra special to this bath table? What’s a nice bath without a glass of wine :)

Finished DIY bath tray with wine glass holder on a bath tub
Overhead image of DIY bath tray
DIY bath tray with book, candle and wine glass
Wine glass in the holder of the bath tray with wine glass holder

Once you have a wine glass holder for the bathtub, you’ll never want to go without! lol.

Finished bath tray on bath tub with wine glass, candle, and plant
Bath tray in remodeled bathroom

If you don’t want a tray overtop of you, try our our simple Bath Caddy!

DIY bath caddy

Or if you have more scrap pine board, try this simple Hanging Shelf!

Image of a DIY hanging shelf

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Remodeled bathroom
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18 thoughts on “Build Your Own Bath Table [with Wine Glass Holders!]

  1. This is fantastic! I love that you added a wine glass holder. Now if you can just help me figure out how to keep the kiddos from asking me 20 questions (each) when I get in the bath. Lol!

  2. This is amazing. I am just done with a table, this is something I never felt before. I am so happy, I followed few others blogs as well, has made some add-ons, this is really cool.

  3. It is so nice! I really love that you added a good wine glass holder. Now if you can help me figure out how to take the kiddos from asking me 21 questions (each) when I get in the bath?

  4. Ha! I love this, what an ingenious way to use a router table. My wifes birthday is coming up soon and this sounds like an amazing way to create a gift for her that she’ll love.

    Thank you so much for sharing it!

  5. Hi Lindi! It looks amazing. It is a really great idea. The add a wine holder in the bath table is a really great idea.I really love that you add a good wine glass holder. Such a good gift.

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