Bedtime Prayer Frame

Bedtime Prayer Frame

Our bedtime routine is simple and consistent. My daughter knows exactly when she will be left in the crib for the night. Bath, books, prayer, bed. Same routine every night. The prayer is an important part of that routine for our family, so I decided to put her prayer up on the wall in a DIY bedtime prayer frame. Right now, it’s a pretty decoration, but one day, she’ll be able to read it herself and it will be a great reminder!

Bedtime Prayer Frame

This frame took NO TIME AT ALL! It was SOOO easy to make!


White card stock
Coloured Cardstock for background (optional)
Patterned washi tape
Cricut Explore

Bedtime Prayer Frame

To start, take your wash tape of choice and spread it across your background 12×12 card stock page. I chose to use a coloured background because my floral washi tape (which, ps, is gorgeous and I’m in love with it!) had a transparent background, and I really wanted the background to pop out.

Bedtime Prayer Frame Bedtime Prayer Frame

Next, slide on over to your Cricut Explore. All you have to do is make one giant text box, with words or a prayer of your choosing. Centre align all of the text before pressing “GO”. Once you can see the cutting mat, drag your text directly into the centre of the mat, so that your words are cut out of the centre of your 12×12 paper.

Bedtime Prayer Frame

When it’s done cutting, carefully take off the paper (*HINT* it helps if you peel the mat back, instead of peeling the paper off the mat!). Then place the paper on top of the washi tape covered background page. Make sure the tape edges are trimmed off nicely :) (unlike my photo below…lol).

Then frame it, and pop it on the wall! With the help of a handy husband if needed…

Bedroom Prayer Frame Bedroom Prayer Frame

I LOVE how the mint green and floral patterns peek through the letters!
Such a simple, beautiful, and meaningful piece to hang in her room :)

Bedtime Prayer Frame Bedtime Prayer Frame Bedtime Prayer Frame

For more inspiration from her bedroom gallery, take a look at this Gold Heart Art:

Gold Heart Art


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35 thoughts on “Bedtime Prayer Frame

  1. Oh, this frame is so precious! I have resisted buying a cricut for the longest time, but if this is the kind of cute projects I could do with it, I may not be able to resist much longer. You did a great job decorating your nursery too. It is really so sweet!

  2. This is the sweetest thing EVER! I don’t have kids yet but I totally want this for my room. The washi tape background is genius! What font did you use? It’s just too cute!

  3. I absolutely love this idea! Definitely pinning as we’ll be planning a nursery soon! I wonder if there is any way to get the prayer cutout without a Cricut (I don’t have one). Do you know if anywhere will do cuts like this for you? Thanks for sharing! This is so precious!

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