How Bath Time Builds Communication Skills [plus a GIVEAWAY!]

How Bath Time Builds Communication Skills

 As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I look at everyday routines and see potential for learning speech and language skills. Bath time is one of those routines that provides SO many opportunities for building our child’s communication.

No matter how busy we are, we are always giving baths, and no matter what stage of speech or language your child is at, they can always benefit from one-on-one interaction that bath time provides.

Bath time is great for building communication skills because:

1. It’s a routine
Routines allow parents to model the same words over and over again (e.g. wash, splash, dress, dry or naming all of the bath toys). Repetition and exposure helps our little ones understand new words, and later helps them use those words.

2. You are face-to-face
Bath time is always 100% supervised. No one is checking cell phones at the side of the tub (I hope!), or folding laundry. We are face-to-face, and paying attention to the same toys, sounds, and actions as our babies or children.

3. Bath time is fun
For most children, bath time is more fun than the rest of the daily routines (eating, changing, dressing). It provides an opportunity for us to play with our kids and make communication fun!

Here are a few things you can do to build communication skills during bath time:
  • Follow your child’s lead – talk about what they are doing and name toys they are already playing with, rather than trying to get them interested in new things.
  • Talk just above their language level. If they don’t talk yet, use single words (e.g. “big”, “splash”, “boat”), if they use single words, put two words together (e.g. “big splash”, “yellow boat”, etc.
  • Wait and listen – give your child a chance to think and respond before jumping in
  • Imitate the words, sounds, and actions that your child makes
  • Have fun! And allow yourself to sound like you’re having fun to keep your child’s attention and encourage play.

How Bath Time Builds Communication Skills

If you child is anything like mine, the most difficult part of bath time can be taking them out of the bath!

I’m SO excited today to be teaming up with Little Lily Bamboo to share my favourite thing about ending bath time: wrapping up my baby girl in a soft bamboo hooded towel!

How Bath Time Builds Communication Skills

Little Lily Bamboo is an amazing Etsy shop that makes and sells organic bamboo baby towels, wipes, and more! Bamboo is a naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabric that is produced as organically as possible. In her words, “It’s soft, strong, and wicks moisture away from your baby quickly!”

How Bath Time Builds Communication Skills

We’ve used this towel non-stop because we LOVE it! Not only is the bamboo extremely soft, and healthy for her sensitive skin, Little Lily Bamboo also offers the CUTEST fabrics and patterns!

How Bath Time Builds Communication Skills How Bath Time Builds Communication Skills How Bath Time Builds Communication Skills How Bath Time Builds Communication Skills

I am SO happy with my bamboo towels, and I’m over the moon excited about offering one to one of my great readers! We ALL know someone with a child that would love a new towel :)
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*This post was sponsored by Little Lily Bamboo. As always, the opinions are 100% my own! Please read my disclosure policy for more details*  

32 thoughts on “How Bath Time Builds Communication Skills [plus a GIVEAWAY!]

  1. Great post! I definitely take advantage of bathtime with my kiddies and super towels!
    … Too bad I’m not on Pinterest or Twitter as I would totally follow you! … Maybe you can teach me one day what those are ;)

  2. Okay- I’m back. Those are such beautiful things!! I the entire site is just gorgeous. I would probably pick Tegan- because I don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet.

  3. we have a 3 month old little girl and she LOVES bathtime! It’s so much fun, even at this age. She just started kicking and really splashing. It’s a hoot!

  4. Aw, these look awesome & are so darn cute! I love em all, but LOVE the teal elephants fabric the most. Thanks for the sweet chance!

  5. Love the indelible print and teal elephants. My littlest one is using a worn out towel and I would live to cuddle her up in something warm this winter :). Also yes, bath time is a great opportunity to bond and practise communication, thanks for the reminder!

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