10 DIY Accessories for Baby Girls

10 DIY Accessories for Baby Girls

There are a lot of amazing things about having baby girls, but one of the funnest things is accessorizing them! It’s SO much fun to get my little girls all dressed up with a cute infinity scarf (when I’m watching them!) and a bow in their hair. There are a few accessories out there for boys too, but it’s just not the same! There is such a great collection of DIY accessories for baby girls, I just thought I would round-up a few of my favourites for you to try at home! Here are 10 DIY Accessories for Baby Girls: 

Leather Heart Headband

This baby headband with little leather hearts is an adorable accessory for a baby girl

Baby Hair Clips

Do hair clips ever NOT look cute on baby girls? Try this easy tutorial for DIY baby hair clips

Baby Infinity Scarf

This DIY baby accessory is perfect for a family photoshoot! Make this DIY baby infinity scarf

Baby Mary Janes

Little baby shoes are an adorable DIY baby accessory for girls - and this craft is super easy to make!

Ruffle Binky Clip

This no sew baby binky clip is the cutest DIY accessory for a baby girl

Baby Girl Onesie

Make this adorable baby onesie with a few simple instructions

Crocheted Baby Mittens

Baby mittens keep those adorable little hands nice and warm - perfect accessories for a baby girl

Baby Hat

If your new baby girl doesn't come with a hat, make your own with this simple tutorial

Baby Drool Bib

baby bibs are a much needed accessory - make your own with this easy tutorial

No Sew DIY Headband

These DIY headbands are the perfect baby accessory, and it's a no sew tutorial!

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