Wooden Napkin Rings


Just before Thanksgiving (in Canada!) my husband got his hands on a log from my brother-in-laws property. Immediately my head was swimming with great ideas for how to use the wood! Well… I’m happy to report that we have officially re-used every last piece of that tree (*hint hint* more projects to come!!). If you missed it, I showed off the first wood log project, wooden candle holders, here.

My second wave of inspiration was right in line with those beautiful wooden candle sticks. I had my thanksgiving table scape on the brain and took advantage of the wood to add to my rustic thanksgiving, making a set of wooden napkin rings :) 


Wood Log (mine was about a 3 inch diameter)
Measuring tape or ruler
Mitre saw
Drill Press
Sander (or 150 grit sandpaper)

If you have access to some tools (or a handy family member!), this is just the project for you!


I used our puppies to model with the log we collected for the project :)

The first step is to measure out the width of the napkin rings. I chose to make ours about 3/4″.


Then you cut out the wood slices using the mitre saw. I cut out 12 of them so that I would have a full set for future dinners.
(Bonus: they are 100% reusable!!!)

IMG_3135b IMG_3136b

I don’t have a picture of this next step, but at this stage you may want to throw those wooden slices in the oven for a bit. I put them at 100F for about 20 minutes. Helps them dry right out, and kills anything that may be leftover…. ugh.

Then, using the drill press, drill a hole into the wood. My husband used a 1 1/4″ bit to drill the hole here.

IMG_3139b IMG_3142b IMG_3173b

This is where the oh-so-tedious part starts: sanding.
So much work, but SUCH beautiful results! Sand away using tools if you have them (including an oscillating sander for the middle!) or using elbow grease and 150 grit sandpaper.

IMG_3146b IMG_3149b

When the rings are all cut out and sanded, you can spray them with an acrylic sealer (we just used the Mod Podge one) to keep them protected, beautiful, and to prevent wood pieces from getting on your napkins :)


Finished product!! I purposely chose to use pieces with beautiful knots for the napkin rings because I think it adds to the rustic, natural feel of the design.

IMG_3564b IMG_3567b IMG_3571b

I used them right away in my thanksgiving table scape!
I loved the rustic appeal they added!

IMG_3237b IMG_3230bIMG_3209b

Check out these beautiful Wooden Candle Holders I made from the same log :)



23 thoughts on “Wooden Napkin Rings

    1. Haha! I have another wood slice project that I left in the oven a bit toooo long! But they were still totally fine! The longer the better to dry them out!

    1. Thank you Laura! I really love how they came out too. I think the sealer gave them the look you’re referring to :)

  1. I really love these wood napkin rings.Creative idea. Thank you for linking up at Bloggers Brags.I pinned this to bloggers brags pinterest board. We would love to see you again next monday.

  2. These are so adorable! I love how they fit seamlessly into your tablescape and I’m also madly in love with those chalkboard placecards! Thanks so much for sharing on Talented Tuesdays! :)


  3. Those look so beautiful! I love the rustic look tied in with the fancy table. Lovely.
    Thanks for sharing with us at On Display Thursday, come again tonight!! :)

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