Winter Birch Wood Wreath

Winter Birch Wood Wreath

 I am a HUGE fan of having a wreath on my front door. My door is plain and white, and anything that adds a pop of colour or some interest to this bland entryway is GREAT in my books!

Since I don’t have anything to keep on the door past Christmas, I decided it was time to make a new wreath. Just in time for the Celebration of Winter Blog Hop, I designed this  birch wood winter wreath.

Birch Wood Wreath


Birch Branches
Mitre Saw
Air Stapler
Wood Glue
Decorations of your choice!
Glue gun

Winter Birch Wood Wreath

Here are my dogs, modelling with a couple of birch branches :)

Step one was to decide how big I wanted the wreath, my branches were fairly narrow, so I decided that 5” on each edge would be big enough. Then you have to cut the wood pieces. Originally I was going for an octagon, so I had my husband cut the pieces at a 22.5 degree angle (set on saw in picture below).

Winter Birch Wood Wreath

We cut one side of the birch branch, then flipped the branch and marked 5” from the outside edge. Then we cut the wood at the same angle, so both the cuts went inward. We did this 8 times (and then later had to add a 9th piece!).

Winter Birch Wood Wreath Winter Birch Wood Wreath

When we put the pieces together, the angles fit perfectly! But I neglected to think about the fact that the wood was in “wonky” shapes (i.e. not perfectly straight – eek!) so the pieces fit nicely together, but didn’t quite close the wreath circle. To fix this, we measured the distance that was missing (another 5”) and cut one last piece at the same angles that fit in perfectly!

Winter Birch Wood Wreath

Once all the pieces were lined up and appeared to fit nicely together, it was time to attach them. To do this I put glue on each side of the wood pieces, and used the air stapler to pop a staple into the wood from each outside edge of the wood pieces (each corner had two staples).

Winter Birch Wood Wreath Winter Birch Wood Wreath Winter Birch Wood Wreath

Since we added an extra edge, the wreath isn’t perfectly symmetrical, but I think I like it even better! I love the rustic, natural, imperfect feel of the piece.

Winter Birch Wood Wreath

Once the wreath was done, all I had to do was decorate it!

I used deep purple accents because I thought they still had a nice wintery feel. I used, purple flowers, twigs, purple raffia, and burlap to create my decorations. I simply attached everything with a glue gun and my beautiful winter wreath was good to go!

Birch Wood Wreath Birch Wood Wreath Birch Wood Wreath

Last step was to hang it on the door! I did this by wrapping some deep purple raffia around a strip of burlap, and then tying a knot in the two together. I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

Winter Birch Wood Wreath Winter Birch Wood Wreath Winter Birch Wood Wreath

I LOVE that I can see the bark, and the knots in the wood, and the imperfections. What’s not to love about this rustic piece?!

Birch Wood Wreath

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65 thoughts on “Winter Birch Wood Wreath

  1. Your wreath is so darling and woodsy. I just went to HL today to buy 2 new wreaths and couldn’t find anything I liked, I may have to get creative like you did:)

  2. How perfect for winter! I love the added fabric flowers. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!
    Blessings, Deborah

    1. Thank you Jenna! I had the idea, and I was sure I’d never seen it done before either, so I was excited to share it! So glad you liked it too :)

  3. I love your wreath. It is so pretty. I really enjoy that it is not symmetrical and the purple really POPS! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  4. That’s such a beautiful wreath! Making wreaths is not such a big thing in the UK and it can be difficult getting wreath forms so I often use a wire coat hanger. I’ve never thought of using wood :)

  5. Love how you used the wood to make your wreath form! Super creative. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday. Hope to see you again on Sunday at 6pm PST. You’re one of the features!

    1. Thank you Erlene! I had never seen the wood as the wreath form before either, but I knew there had to be a way! lol.

  6. OH so stinking cute!! You’re so clever using birch branches. :) I love how it came together, and the raw rustic feel of it. And the pops of deep purple are perfect! Thanks for linking it up with us at Motivational Monday! See you again on Sunday! Happy weekend. :)

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