Two Months

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Evelyn is now 12 lbs, 3 oz, 22.8 inches long, and two months old.

Evelyn is growing like a weed. Her eyebrows are getting darker and her hair is getting ever-so-slightly lighter. We are convinced that she is going to end up with mommy’s bright blue eyes. She puts so much pressure in her little legs – as though she’s getting ready to walk already! She loves when Daddy bounces her. She stays awake longer and longer during the day, barely closing her eyes and letting her head down to rest. Just like her big sister, she is already sleeping a solid six hours every night (*knock on wood*). She bares her “confused face” often, furrowed brows and all. She has had a few real tears, and many, many real smiles (although mostly just for mommy and her big sister). She deliberately poops immediately after I change her. every. time. … I’m sure of it.  She is so expressive. So beautiful. So cuddly. So perfect. Life with two girls is bliss.

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