St. Patrick’s Day Mantle



It’s that time again!
Time to change my mantle that is….
With a new baby in the house, I’m definitely not headed out this year to celebrate, but I CAN decorate my house for myself and my guests to enjoy!
Here’s how I added some Irish flare this year:

The candle stick holders (and candles) have been around here for ages.
The frame below was from the dollar store, and I filled it with a great “I’m so lucky to have you” printable from the Dreamsicle Sisters.


The garland of yarn puffs was made using this tutorial. I searched my yarn collection for St. Paddy’s Day colours and came up with cream, brown, and three shades of green. Once they were made, I slid them through a long hemp string and I was done!



The clovers were cut from a couple different colours of felt. I just traced a couple of clover images I had googled :)



That’s all!
Perfect start to decorating my house for St. Paddy’s Day!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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