Shea Butter Sugar Scrub


I know that there are some people out there that hate baths… but I am not one of them!
Baths are my zen time.
Grab a glass of wine, a book (if you’re not having too much wine!), and some bubble bath. Bliss. Truthfully, anything that allows me to relax and turn my brain off for a little while is bliss. I assume that most women are like this too… maybe not, but it can’t hurt to give a gift that helps them relax can it?So I made some amazing Shea Butter Sugar Scrub to a couple of my best friends.
It was extremely easy to make – involving only 3 ingredients (that I already had!) and it heaven on your feet. Nice substitute for a pedicure I’d say!



1/4 cup of baby oil
1/4 cup of shea butter body wash
3 cups of sugar

I keep the shea butter body wash in our guest bathroom because I like the smell, but really you could substitute any body wash and adjust the amount of sugar after to get the consistency you want. If I did this again, I may add a bit less baby oil to the mixture to make it slightly more cohesive.


 Mix everything together and voila! That’s all.
I poured mine into small mason jars, added a handmade label, and added some jute string around the jar to give them a bit more visual appeal :)

IMG_2580b IMG_2578b

I made these ones to add to a gift bag for some wonderful friends :)
You’ll see the whole gift bag on the blog very soon!
Would make a great gift for moms, stressed friends, pregnant friends, or any woman at all!
Try it out yourself.


5 thoughts on “Shea Butter Sugar Scrub

  1. Lindi, that seems to be a great recipe- I definitely want to try it. Just need to find some similar body butter…
    Anyways I`m a silent reader of your blog and always enjoy your ideas :-)

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