Seven Months


Evelyn is now 16 lbs, 1 oz, 26″ long, and seven months old.

She is just as adorable as ever. She has become best friends with Lucy – her stuffed elephant from the zoo. This girl can be screaming your ear off, but give her Lucy… giggles. She’s rolling from one side of the room to the other – somehow finding her way to the toy she wants. She never forgets to do her daily baby crunches; she’s prepping for her crawling days. She sits up on her own, but still tips sideways every now and again. She watches her big sister like a hawk, and smiles when Ellie enters a room. This girl is petite. I feel like she eats SO much food, but she’s still so tiny! Maybe it has to do with the constant movement…  Time has gone by SO fast this time around. I know I said I would take just as many photos, but Evelyn definitely has not had as many of her milestones captured. As her sister would say, “Oopsy daisy!” Now that we have warmer weather, we are getting outside every day and mommy is finding her sanity again. I had a rough few weeks (months?), dealing with the mundane baby/toddler routines day in and day out, but I’m remembering to cherish the magical moments with my children. And choosing not to dwell on the times my daughter ran away in the public store and then cried her eyes out after I caught her and made her have a public “time out” #sorrynotsorry. These girls teach me every day how to be more loving, more patient, and more fun. Life with two girls is bliss.

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