A Scrapbook of the Baby’s First Year

Scrapbook of baby's first year

 When I made my 14 of 14 goal list, I had listed “Complete a scrapbook of my baby’s first year” as one of my goals, and I’m SO glad I did!
The album is complete, minus one birthday party layout (which can’t be done until after her party in January!), and it is so much fun to look back through the album and see just how much she has changed over the past year.

This Christmas layout, using the CTMH Yuletide Carol Scrapbooking Workshop! The workshop gives me everything I need to complete the layout, and I finished it in no time! All I have to do is pop in some Christmas photos and I’m done.

Scrapbook of baby's first yearScrapbook of baby's first year Scrapbook of baby's first year

Here are a few of the other pages that are in the album too:

This is the page I use to record all of her milestones :)

Scrapbook of baby's first year

This is a special mommy-daughter page from waaay back when she was tiny and cuddly!

Scrapbook of baby's first year

This layout is one of my favourites because of the smiles on her face, and the memories it brings back :)

Scrapbook of baby's first year

I love this layout of my daughter’s first baseball game because it’s not a traditional scrapbook layout. It really feels like I’m staring at my cork board!

Scrapbook of baby's first year

I love this layout because the pictures are all from my trip back home to visit my family :) Plus, I used the CTMH flip flaps for the first time to add more pictures!

Scrapbook of baby's first year Scrapbook of baby's first year

There are many more pages, but I couldn’t show them all off today :)
Complete a scrapbook of my daughter’s first year – check!


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20 thoughts on “A Scrapbook of the Baby’s First Year

  1. Wow, those pages all look so great! I definitely need to up my scrapbooking game! haha. Speaking of the 14 for 2014, are you going to do 15 for 2015? And when are planning on stopping? 25 for 2025? 42 for 2042? Just curious. I’ve been following along and making my own lists for each year and am wondering when I’ll stop adding/what I’ll do instead. Thanks for the idea btw, I love having a list of something concrete to do instead of vague goals like “get in shape” or “be more open” .

    1. I am doing a 15 of 15!! Its coming tomorrow!! and today will be my review post from 14 of 14!! I have no idea when I’ll stop, lol. I thought about that earlier too, lol. Maybe the goals will just have to get easier! I’m glad you’re joining me! I’d love to hear some of your goals!! I think it always helps me to be proactive if I have goals written down too – somehow makes me more accountable!

  2. Lindi, this is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I absolutely love the page layouts… The embellishments are so much fun! It’s so special that you have the entire first year! Did you make the layouts or purchase them? This makes me want to pull out my scrapbook supplies solo bad! I still have to do my entire wedding!

    1. I made all of the layouts myself! But I use Close to My Heart workshops, and they give you all of the papers, the embellishments, etc. that are co-ordinated, and then they even give you sample layouts and everything you need to cut out the proper dimensions :) It’s so great!

  3. Such a lovely scrapbook. I took monthly photos of each of mine in their first year and did a half hearted sort of scrap book with them. I really think it’s time I gave them a do-over! This issuch lovely inpsiration

  4. Wow your talented! Great Memories for years to come! Thank you for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  5. Ahhhh how cute….I love the scrapbook idea for baby’s first year! I have a newborn so this is helpful. I found you at the Bloggers Brags Pinterest party.

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