Rustic Birch Wood Frame

Make this DIY rustic birch picture frame with this easy tutorial

I’m back with another wood project!
If you’ve been following my instagram account, you may have seen a few pictures of me testing out the power tools (like this one, or this one).  My husband has been patiently teaching me the art of woodworking, and I’m eagerly taking in everything I can! I’ve had project after project jump into my head. This Rustic Birch Wood Frame was actually my husband’s idea, and I’m SO glad he took the time to teach me how to make it :) 

This birch wood picture frame adds a rustic touch to our gallery wall

Materials needed to make the frame:

Birch wood branch
Mitre Saw
Table Saw
Wood Glue
Staple Gun
Hanging Hardware

For this birch picture frame, you need a few birch wood branches

Once again, my  dogs are relaxing beside our birch branches :) You may see them pop into a garage picture here or there!

Cut the birch branches with the table saw

Start by cutting 4 pieces of birch wood at 45 degree angles on your mitre saw. We cut them so that two pieces had inside edges of 5 7/8″ and two pieces had inside edges of 7 7/8″, just under 6″x8″, so that a 6″x8″ photo can sit inside. Make sure that your 45 degree angles both go inward, as shown in the diagram below.

Cut the birch branch at a 45 degree angle

Next, we lined up the birch pieces to make sure that the angles would sit together nicely (not pictured – but an important step in case adjustments need to be made!). Then we decided to cut a 1/2″ x 1/2″ notch into the inside edge of each birch pieces (scroll down for pictures of what this will look like!).

My husband started these cuts with the table saw (he doesn’t trust me with all tools yet! lol). He cut a slice into the back edge, and into the bottom edge.

My husband used the table saw to cut the notches for the glass

Then, using a chisel he scraped the remaining wood between the cuts out, from the top to the bottom of each frame edge.

Scrape the remaining wood from the cuts out of the birch piece

Once cut, this is your end product. You can see how he cut 1/2″ from the inside edges and then scraped out the centre portion. Once the cuts are done you can sand the inside edges so that the picture will rest smoothly against the frame.

This is the end product of one side of the birch picture frame

Line up all four of your edges to ensure that the cuts will line up with one another. Each branch will have a slightly different shape and thickness, so it’s important to make sure they fit together, make any last minute cuts, or do any last minute sanding.

Once lined up nicely, add glue to the ends of the frame pieces, and staple them together using the staple gun. We stapled both sides of every joint.

Use wood glue to connect all four sides of the birch picture frame Here's the finished birch wood picture frame, ready for a picture!

Here is the completed rustic birch wood frame! Beautifully crafted to fit a 6×8″ picture!

The back of the picture frame is hollowed out to easily add the glass and picture

But we needed a cover for our photos too! So we cut a piece of plexiglass and a piece of hardboard to sit in front of and behind the photo.

Carefully cut a piece of plexiglass to fit your new birch wood picture frame Cut a thick piece of cardboard to use as the backing for the picture frame Here's the finished birch wood picture frame

And finally… since we do want this photo frame to hang on the wall, we attached some hardware to hang the frame, and some screws on the inside edge of the frame to keep the photo, and the hardboard backing in place on the wall :)

Attach the hardware to hang the frame to the back of the picture frame

I LOVE the rustic feel of this piece. I love that you can see the bark, I love that the knots are accented, and I love the natural appeal of the frame :)

This DIY birch wood frame adds a touch of rustic decor to your home This easy DIY birch picture frame is a great addition to any gallery wall This DIY rustic wood picture frame is an easy project Create this DIY birch wood picture frame with this simple tutorial

Hope you found some inspiration from this rustic frame :)

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  1. You’re right, I love it! Youre becoming such a well-rounded crafter, from sewing to scrapbooking to woodworking! :)

  2. Living in an apartment we do not have access to the tools needed to make this. I do love how yours turned out though. Definitely someting I would hang in my living room #HomeMattersParty

    1. Thank you!! I remember my apartment days. Definitely nice to have a bit more space now :) So glad you liked the frame!

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