Raspberry Lip Gloss


Beauty products are something that I generally avoid dabbling with. One reason is that I just don’t use many! Second, I think to myself… if they are manufactured this well already, is it really worth messing with?
But I was on a mission to create some DIY gifts for my friends, so I think I’d give it a try.
Lip gloss is a pretty safe bet as a gift. I don’t wear much make-up at all, and I still dab on some lip gloss here and there! So I went to work creating a DIY raspberry (& coconut) flavoured lip gloss :)



Coconut oil
Raspberry Extract
An old lipstick
A couple of containers to hold the gloss (mine are from the dollarstore)
Microwavable bowl


 Melt equal amounts of vaseline and coconut oil together in the microwave until completely melted. I used 1/2 cup of each and it took about 90 seconds, stopping every 30 seconds to stir together.

Then empty the lipstick into the mixture – I used almost the entire stick. You can see from the pictures above that the colour will be slightly diluted, so choose a colour that is slightly darker than you want. Finally, add the raspberry extract and stir until all is combined. I almost used the entire tiny bottle, because I needed that much to taste the raspberry flavour.

Carefully spoon the lip gloss into your containers.


 I made tiny labels for the jars, but cutting cardstock circles, and covering them with washi tape to add some more colour!

IMG_2591b IMG_2596b

Simple, beautiful, and useful – the trifecta!
Stay tuned to see what else went into the gift bags :)

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11 thoughts on “Raspberry Lip Gloss

  1. I have seen soaps and lots of things, but I have never thought about making lipgloss. This is so cool that I must pin it for later! Thanks for sharing.

    1. They were from the dollar store, so I don’t know the exact size, but they were about the size of a small lime (sorry, that’s the best reference I can think of!). This made 6-8 of them depending on how much you put in each container. Hope you like them!

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