Our Little Fish

Our baby girl is four and a half months old now.
We figured she was old enough to go for a swim!
We assumed that she would like the pool, since she relishes her time in the bathtub.
We were right!
She LOVED it.

We planned for a short trip, not knowing what to expect, but we ended up staying for a couple of hours! Our happy girl was looking around, smiling and enjoying every minute!
Nap time came and went without a peep or a cry.
The photo from the top left is her very first moment going into the pool :)
The only unhappy moment was when Daddy dunked her under the waterโ€ฆ she said that was scary. But, the sadness quickly passed.. the pool is just too much fun to be sad!
I love soaking up all of these firsts.
Now I can’t wait for the seconds, and thirdsโ€ฆ I have a feeling she is going to LOVE swimming with mommy and daddy all the time :)

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