Ornament Cake Pops


I have been avoiding cake pops for some time now.
Don’t get me wrong… they taste AMAZING!
But they look sooo intimidating to make…
But my creative side couldn’t resist jumping in and creating a new Christmas treat.

To make the cake pops, I followed the Wilton recipe.
These are seriously the most delicious cake pops out there!
They are soooo soft and delicious!

Customizing the ornaments so that they look like ornaments was all me though :)

All you need is:

Red, green, and white candy melts
Assorted sprinkles
Mini marshmallows
Licorice twists
(sidenote: don’t use the licorice laces… when they bend, they break!)

You have to plan ahead a little bit so that you dip the cake pop sticks into the same colour of chocolate that you dip the entire cake pop into.

You also want to plan ahead by preparing the ornament tops and hooks ahead of time. Do this by poking a hole through the marshmallows. I used a cake pop stick to do this. Then carefully slide both sides of short (approx.  2″) licorice pieces into the marshmallows. Set these aside until they are needed.

Split the pops up into red, green and white ones and dip one at a time.
Let the icing drip off. Before the icing settles, sprinkle the sprinkles all over the cake pops, and then set one of your ornament tops on the top of the cake pop settled into the icing :)

TIP: keep the pops cold throughout the process as much as possible. Always take one pop out of the fridge at a time, and put it back in as soon as possible. This will give you the best results :)


I wrapped some of these pops in clear bags, and tied a little red and white twine around them to present them as nice Christmas favours :)


And just to prove that I ate one…. lol.
I hope you enjoy making these delicious treats!


47 thoughts on “Ornament Cake Pops

    1. And you could get your kids to help put on the sprinkles!! My baby girl is too small for that right now, but one day she will! Thanks for stopping by Zan!

  1. i love these cake pops and that you placed them in a jar full of candy! Super Creative! Saying hello from on display Thursday and these are just perfect to display & eat! :-)

  2. So cute! I have not been too successful with my cake pops, but you are inspiring me to go back and try again. These would just be adorable to serve up anytime during the Christmas season. I think they would be especially fun to serve up while we are decorating the tree. I found you over at On Display Thursday!

  3. Your ornament cake pops are so pretty! After reading your post, I might be able to attempt making cake pops now…haha. (I’ve never tried to make them before…although, I’ve wanted to for some time now.) ;)

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