One Room Challenge {Week 4} – Design Challenges

Hey everyone! We are officially past the half-way point in this Master Bedroom Project, and we definitely hit a few road bumps this week. This is week four of our 6 week design challenge. Linda at Calling it Home challenges us to completely redesign a room in our homes in just six weeks, and I’m really wondering if we are going to have it done this time around!

Follow along as we renovate our Master Bedroom. Sharing the design challenges this week that forced us to step back and re-evaluate our plans!

We started the week by assembling our new headboard. We’ve had this headboard waiting for ages… I mean months and months. So there’s no going back! I needed to design the space around this headboard cause it was staying! But I love the colour, and I love the tufted back and the studs, so it should’t be a problem.

Follow along as we renovate our Master Bedroom. Sharing the design challenges this week that forced us to step back and re-evaluate our plans!

The next thing we did was install our brand new matte black light fixture . My husband insisted that he could not live without a ceiling fan, so we had to compromise, but I think I still won. The fan looks so sleek.

Follow along as we renovate our Master Bedroom. Sharing the design challenges this week that forced us to step back and re-evaluate our plans!

Then we hung my sliding barn door back up, I really needed it in place to start getting a full vision for the space.

Follow along as we renovate our Master Bedroom. Sharing the design challenges this week that forced us to step back and re-evaluate our plans!

Then I finished ripping down all of the wallpaper and washing down the walls. Washing down the walls was really important, because even though the wallpaper came off easily with no problems, the glue was still there.

Follow along as we renovate our Master Bedroom. Sharing the design challenges this week that forced us to step back and re-evaluate our plans!

And this is what happens when toddlers catch you taking pictures…. lol.

Follow along as we renovate our Master Bedroom. Sharing the design challenges this week that forced us to step back and re-evaluate our plans!

And then we put up some new wallpaper!! I was SO excited to get this stuff up and see how it looked in the space.

Follow along as we renovate our Master Bedroom. Sharing the design challenges this week that forced us to step back and re-evaluate our plans!

I LOVE the pattern, but looking at it in a bland space like this… it’s giving me teenage boy bedroom vibes. Instead of romance and candles, I’m seeing visions of dirty socks and empty pizza boxes on the floor.

So I’m trying to decide how to fix the problem. Originally I was going to put my two original photos back on the wall, but I think the pattern is so bold with my vaulted ceiling that I need to add something more to fill the space. Also, I was thinking of painting my bedside tables black, but I think that will add to the teenager vibes instead of take away.

I’m hoping to fix this by adding:

1. Feminine accents
2. Colour
3. Texture

Follow along as we renovate our Master Bedroom. Sharing the design challenges this week that forced us to step back and re-evaluate our plans!

Here are my questions for you…

Should I paint my side tables:

1. Navy Blue
2. White
3. Maroon
4. Find new wooden ones
5. Other – suggestions please!

What do we think about adding a gallery wall something like this (below). Please excuse my rough rendition. I think that doing this would add height and bring your eye up to that peak in our vaulted ceiling. I’m thinking of DIYing a large canvas and some small pieces to add colour (navy and maroon mostly), as well as a few wooden frames, but still keeping a lot of negative white space with white frames, mats, and empty space.

Is this idea:

1. Unnecessary
2. Perfect
3. Ok, but I have a better idea (please share!)

Follow along as we renovate our Master Bedroom. Sharing the design challenges this week that forced us to step back and re-evaluate our plans!

Or I could tear it down and paint the wall a dark colour?

Please share!!

In the meantime… I’ll just sit and stare at my new bathroom. If you haven’t popped over, make sure you go check out the finished space!

A beautiful modern bathroom renovation with chrome and matte black faucets, sleek modern fixtures and natural wood accents. Beautiful transformation!

I’ve updated our 6 week to-do list so that you can keep up with our progress:

  1. Paint walls
  2. Strip old wallpaper
  3. Put up new wallpaper
  4. Buy rugs
  5. Get new duvet
  6. Get new fan
  7. DIY some throw pillows
  8. Strip and paint bedside tables
  9. DIY new handles for bedside drawers
  10. DIY artwork
  11. Print photos for frames
  12. Strip fireplace tile
  13. Put up fireplace brick
  14. Refinish fireplace mantel
  15. Create Gallery Wall
  16. Add some colour (whatever that means!)

Well… instead of knocking off a whole ton from my list, I added to it. Significantly…. lol. The hubby is outta town for a few days, which will either make me incredibly lazy, or super productive! Here’s hoping I get enough done!

Wayfair / Plush Rugs / Milton & King
Afloral / Fusion Mineral Paint

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62 thoughts on “One Room Challenge {Week 4} – Design Challenges

  1. I vote maroon for the side tables. I think that pop of color would help take away the teenage boy vibe. :) And, I like the gallery wall idea or maybe just one extra large piece of art?? It’s looking great!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! SO much great advice here :) I agree, I’ve gotten rid of the gallery wall idea… something great is in store though!

  2. Ooh that’s looking great!! How do you feel about yellow? Like a soft yellow for the tables? Otherwise I think wood in the same colour family as the barn door and vanity mirrors would look great! And maybe some big plants? Where did you get your headboard from? I keep meaning to make one but I think that’s never going to happen lol.

    1. I’m definitely not afraid of yellow! But I want the room to be cohesive with the open bathroom, so I’m trying to stay in that palette a bit. The headboard is from Costco – perfect place to order from :)

  3. I cracked up over the dirty socks and teenage boys thing. Ok, thoughts: i love it and I don’t think you can judge it too harshly until the side tables are in and styled. I do think you need something over the bed but right now, the eye is going to the wallpaper only because there’s nothing else for it to go. I think it’s going to be fab with a bit of styling.

    1. I totally agree with you, can’t judge anything without more styling and furniture in there! I’m excited to see what I can come up with!

  4. I know you’re on the fence about the wallpaper right now, but I really like it actually – I love the bold pattern and think it pairs so perfectly with your new master bath! I think I’d find some dark (but not too dark) wood tables to play up the rustic industrial a bit more and I like the idea of a gallery wall to draw the eye up – wrapping the canvases with wood would help to add a bit more of that industrial touch you love and break up the pattern on the wall a bit too.

    1. Thank you! I was really hoping to find something that could be cohesive with the bathroom space! I think if I have the right stuff to style with, I can make this work well :) And I definitely ordered some last minute wooden nightstands! Here’s hoping they arrive on time!

  5. I think you should shy away from a gallery wall above the bed. Those never get seen and will collect dust.
    I think adding a wall hanging of some sort above the bed will give you texture and colour and can be feminine.

    OR adding a giant mirror with more feminine tones?

    1. Totally agree! Scraped the gallery wall idea about two minutes after I had it, lol. A wall hanging is something I hadn’t thought of that could’ve looked really cool! I think I’m going with a mirror though. I hunted down a simple, modern one, more my style!

  6. I actually like the maroon idea for the tables, would match the rug in your bathroom! Or the same color as your barn door would look good too. Then maybe add in some plants or something with your styling.

    1. I totally agree that I want to bring in that colour from the bathroom! Plants are a MUST! Doesn’t it look to bland without greenery?! lol.

  7. I love the wallpaper! I like your gallery wall idea but I also think two large frames side by side over the bed would look good. There’s a lot happening with the wallpaper already, and that might simplify it a little. I also think wooden side tables would ground it, but whatever you decide, that wallpaper is fab and it’s going to look so good in there when you’re done.

    1. Yep! The wall definitely needs something, but I think a gallery wall is too much! I’ve decided to simplify it a lot! lol. I’ll show you tomorrow what I bought for the space!

    1. Thank you so much! Our fireplace still isn’t finished! Eeek! lol. I’m feeling the crunch, but I’ll get it all done, I’m sure!

  8. That wallpaper is great! I’m not seeing teenage boy, haha. I think wood night stands to echo the barn door and just a hint of color in some art and accessories would really finish this room perfectly. Keep going, you’re almost there!

    1. Haha, good! Maybe it was just me?! lol. I was definitely leaning towards wood nightstands too! I’ll share the ones I picked tomorrow on the blog :)

  9. I really like the wallpaper! I think adding in a gallery wall is a great idea. For the side tables, I like the maroon idea or even navy blue. Looking great so far!

  10. Crazy in love with the wallpaper. Leave it for sure but I think a large simple item over the bed would be awesome too. Maybe a big circular mirror to break up the straight lines of everything else. Gold would be really pretty and brighten up the space. I say stay neutral with the nightstands and add femininity in the accessories, throws pillows. Looks awesome

    1. The wallpaper is a must-stay, lol. I’m in love with the pattern. I thought about a gold piece actually, but I thought it would be too far away from what’s happening in the bathroom and we have a strangely open bedroom/bathroom space. Can’t wait to show off some of my choices!

  11. Love the wallpaper! Once you have everything else in the room, it will feel more boho-chic than teenage boy. Add a big plant, some feminine bedding, maybe a fancy mirror over the bed.

  12. i love the paper! i think the issue is that the headboard has straight lines and so does the paper… i think something to soften would be great and i think a gallery would be too busy- something like a jujuhat with texture and roundness would be awesome! and maybe some soft blush accents to make it all more feminine. :)

    1. Totally agree with you!! I didn’t see that before, but it’s definitely why its feeling to masculine to me. I had to google jujuhat, lol – which is such a good suggestion! I ended up going with a really simple modern mirror. Excited to show everyone now!

  13. The wallpaper looks great, like most the other comment’s said it just needs everything else in there to draw your eye away. I think two pieces instead of a gallery and maybe raw wood frames like the barn door. Or light wood side tables. I think burgundy would be great too. Once you get some other colors in there, plants, and accessories it will look fab! Can’t wait to see it =)

    1. Thank you! Those were my thoughts exactly! Bring in some colours from the barn door and bathroom. It’ll be a bit of a challenge for my to style, but I think I’m up for it! lol.

  14. I think maroon side tables would look great, it would add a nice feminine pop of color. I vote for one very large piece of art on the wall. I love the wallpaper, but a large canvas with lots of white space would create some nice contrast. Looking great though, you’re making lots of progress!

    1. I almost decided on a very large piece of art work! I actually bought a canvas for it, but then decided on a mirror instead (so I need to return the canvas!). The contrast was exactly what I was going for, but I think I need to soften it by adding some rounded edges instead.

  15. The wallpaper is stunning, although I can see what you’re talking about with teenage vibes. I would purchase new, wood nightstands. It will add a modern flair and adult up the space. I do like the gallery wall, although I would go with one large, black and white photograph. It will give the space a more mature feel. The gallery wall could potentially add to the teenage vibes, kind of like posters that are just hung on the wall. Excited to see how you adult it up.

    1. I heeded all of your advice and dove in for some new wood nightstands! Here’s hoping they arrive in time! lol. And definitely got rid of the gallery wall idea… I just wasn’t feeling it, and I think it could be too busy for the busy wallpaper.

  16. I LOVE what you’ve done so far! The wallpaper is amazing! I’d avoid the gallery wall and do a textured wall hanging in a neutral color. And add wood nighstands. Then the room will have a moody bohemian look.

  17. Looks great! Some styling and art over the bed will definitely give it a more sophisticated look rather than teenage boy look. Can’t wait to see it come together in a couple of weeks!

    1. My hero! Lol. Thank you so much for sharing this! Definitely an inspiring space! How I wish I could switch out all of my sconces… lol. LOVE what they did here though!

  18. The space is looking amazing! love the wallpaper my vote would be to fine new wood nightstands! but i think whatever you do will be great! good luck to the finish line!

  19. It’s coming together nicely! Wooden tables, no gallery – I’d even (gasp) leave the wall alone for now, concentrate on adding accessories, pillows, lamps, plants. Will soften and make it warmer and more cozy. Good luck finishing! It will be fantastic-you’re doing a great job!

    1. Haha, leave it bare?!! After a few days in the room I considered doing that! Although now I’ve found something sleek and minimal that will add to the wall without taking away from the pattern I think :)

  20. What a great project! I think a pop of color would look really good – although a light wood might just do it to pull in the barn door. Love the bold black color selected. Next time, you do a project, you’ll have to shop :). Nice work. It is coming along beautifully.

    1. Thank you! Please get in contact if you are ever looking to do a sponsored project with a blogger! We are always looking for great new partnerships :)

  21. Maroon would be awesome-especially if it’s lacquered! And I am not at all getting teenage boys room strewn with pizza boxes, to me this feels edgy and modern adult!

    1. Haha, thank you! I think it was just a moment of design weakness, lol. I’m glad you’re seeing modern adult, cause that’s where I’m headed!

  22. Everyone seems to love the wallpaper except me! (Sorry!) To me, it looks like you will be imprisoned behind a very high wall of barbed wire. Instead of trying to cover some with pictures, how about stripping it, but only part way down the wall? Maybe sconce level or headboard level? That way, your photos would be what draws your eye up, not fighting with the wallpaper. Maybe paint the upper wall a shade that is in the wallpaper to better frame your photos. You would still have your “fence” (lol) just not so much of it. BTW, love the bathroom! ~BJ

    1. Thank you BJ! I knew there had to be someone out there that disagreed! lol. I definitely hear what you are saying, and big bold wallpapers are not for everyone, that’s for sure! I could definitely see someone doing this part-way up a wall some time! Or with board and batten on the bottom half? Such an interesting thought. We are keeping it… lol, but I’m hoping I can do some things to soften it! Thanks for sharing! I love getting different opinions! And thank you for the bathroom compliment :)

  23. I’m going to echo what Kristi suggested….I can totally see this as your industrial-rustic vibe with some darker rustic wood end tables and something big and chunky above the bed. I think I saw that you decided to veto the gallery – but a chunky mirror would be lovely and bounce light around! It’s looking sooooo good. Don’t doubt your vision!

    1. Thank you Erin! I definitely want to keep my industrial vibe strong :) I’m steering towards modern too, and definitely towards a mirror! Excited to share our plans!

    1. He probably would’ve cried if I said no to a ceiling fan… lol. Or he would’ve refused to switch them out, which would’ve made me cry, lol.

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