Natural Fall Decor

before and after toolbox

Make no mistake about it! Fall is here :)
And I’m soooo happy about it! I’m walking in leaves, and dreaming of my fall wardrobe (post-pregnancy), and sipping homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes. This is bliss.
With baby’s due date fast approaching, I wasn’t going to spend any time or effort on Autumn decor… but then autumn got the better of me. I found this amazing rustic toolbox at my mother-in-laws, and was immediately planning out my fall mantle. Come take a peek at some of my Natural Fall Decor

toolbox collage

Like I said… it all started here. I found this amazing old toolbox that was built by my late father-in-law (which I will keep and cherish forever!). It’s so beautiful! I couldn’t wait to incorporate it into my design.


A quick trip to the dollar store, and $4 later, I had all the sparkly foliage I needed! I cut all of the twigs down into small branches, chopped some cinnamon sticks in half and grabbed some pinecones of various sizes to decorate with.


Since I obviously couldn’t add live flames to the mix, I also grabbed some battery powered lights and stuck them into little bronze votives to add some light.

toolbox fullview

I’m very happy with the final version :)

top view toolboxtoolbox verticalsideview toolbox table

I also added a few other decorative pieces to the display so that the toolbox wouldn’t sit alone… Here are a mixture of mini pinecones and acorns that I used to sprinkle on the table for some texture, and to fill up a fall votive.


I also threw some faux wheat branches in a vase to add a bit of extra colour. Plus, what else screams fall better!?


Finally, my favourite scent for the fall (followed very closely by pumpkin pie), is cinnamon. So I add it to everything! I took the leftover cinnamon sticks, wrapped them in jute string and put them on display. Easy peasy!


As for the rest of the house… I added a couple of other touches. One of which was using my Hexagon Wall Planters to add a touch of fall. I simply swapped out the succulents for faux fall decor!


Then, I did the fastest version of a fall mantle I knew how to do! I used materials that I already had, and added some natural fall pieces to the mantle, including faux cotton falls, a rustic old chalkboard, some metallic sprayed pumpkins, and a burlap “give thanks” sign.

fireplace collage

Do you decorate for the fall?
Do you like what I did with the old toolbox?
Do you have a fall bucket list?

I’d love to hear from you!

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24 thoughts on “Natural Fall Decor

  1. Your fall display is lovely! Your father-in-law’s toolbox looks so charming the way you have styled it. What a great way to incorporate a family treasure into your decor!

  2. I love, love , what you did with the tool box Thanks for sharing the details. I don’t typically decorate seasonlly but I gave it a shot this time around and just posted about it. Decorating is such time consuming!

    1. I agree! It can be time-consuming! But I find it so rewarding afterwards :) I love having the rooms freshly decorated when guests come over too!

  3. What a great way to refurbish such a wonderful keepsake! It came out beautifully. I usually decorate for fall and Halloween all at once which I’m a little behind on this year. The monsters and I have been creating Halloween decorations and can’t wait to get them hung :0) thank you for sharing your fab ideas with #momsterslink.

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