Mother’s Day Coffee Cozy

Since my mama is actually the best mother in the world (sorry to all other moms), I decided to send her something fun for Mother’s Day!
This post is a little late – but I had to wait until she’d received it so that I wouldn’t spoil the surprise.
At the special request of her and her workmates in this post, I made them some coffee cozies :) 
The one with the buttons is my favourite! That’s for my mama :)

Everything in this post speaks to why I love blogging. 
Love. Create. Celebrate. 
The three things I do best :) 

One thought on “Mother’s Day Coffee Cozy

  1. Thank you very much for my coffee cozies, there totally awesome Lindi!!
    P.S. You are way too crafty!! I wish I could do have the stuff you do :)

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