Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

The time has finally come!
I have been dreaming of redecorating my master bedroom (on a budget!) for years now! Truly! It’s been on my goal list for a few years and it seems like the stars have aligned this time around in helping me plan an amazing new room! Since I’m finally allowed to dream , I’ve put together a Master Bedroom Inspiration Board :) 

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

You really have to see our current bedroom to get the full effect! It consists of an abundance of dark coloured furniture, (which we can’t replace!), my bed sheets from when I was a single gal, a huge misused feature wall, and a mish mash of random furniture we’ve collected over time.

A few things you can’t see in these pictures are our beautiful vaulted ceiling, our walk-in closet, and the attached bathroom. Our room is actually open to the bathroom, so out paint choices have to spread throughout both rooms. You can also just see a snippet of the fireplace in the corner… sorry! More pictures to come!

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

My first instinct was to make everything white and bright. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow for a new bed. There’s no escaping the big dark piece of furniture in the middle of the room! So I decided to work with it instead. I still really like the colour green, and it isn’t featured anywhere else in my home, so I decided to include it in our master bedroom… just maybe not in teenage duvet covers, lol. I’m also on a huge metallic kick right now so I’m popping metallics in everywhere I can! Especially gold :) I think the green and sage combination will blend nicely with our dark, un-paintable furniture.

cotton knit behr paint

Our first paint choice for the walls is a neutral off white. This will go on all of the walls, except the feature wall. Right now the walls are a dark beige and I think this will brighten up the room a bit! The colour we chose is Cotton Knit from Behr paints.

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

Second, I’m SO excited to use this Green Tide chalk paint from a local Grande Prairie, AB business called Chalk Culture. I can’t wait to replace some of that dark furniture with a fresh new colour!

And then there’s the feature wall…
It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to put wallpaper up! My husband and I searched wallpapers until we found this amazing Cream and Gold Labyrinth pattern wallpaper from Graham & Brown.  The wallpaper has some great texture to it, and looks like it will shine beautifully just when the sun hits it. More posts about our first EVER attempt at wallpapering coming up soon!

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board - Graham and Brown wallpaper

A few more ideas…

Gold bedsheets perhaps?

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

A new ikea cabinet for the hubby!
This is a must since I’ve virtually taken over the walk-in… lol. That’s what happens when you have two wardrobes: pregnant and not-pregnant!  Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

And here’s a few more green and gold accessories to help you see my vision!

Master Bedroom Inspiration BoardMaster Bedroom Inspiration Board

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

Since I’m a list-a-holic, here’s my Master Bedroom to do list:

  • Wall paper the feature wall with Graham & Brown Labyrinth print
  • Paint walls with Cotton Knit Behr paint
  • Paint bedside tables with Green Tide Chalk Culture paint
  • Find/thrift some old picture frames and paint them with Green Tide Chalk Culture paint
  • Buy a rug for the room
  • Buy and build an Ikea wardrobe
  • Purchase a chair for the window
  • Make window coverings
  • Buy fabric and sew pillow covers
  • Make a DIY mirror
  • Find/thrift some metallic accessories to decorate
  • Find, thrift, make or purchase something (art? frame?) to fill up our huge feature wall behind the bed (ideas please!)
  • Add some candles :)

That’s all! (ha!)
Our list seems a bit daunting at this point, but I’m so excited!
Now that the list is written, I’m accountable to all of you. I have to finish the room!

What do you think of our plans?


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    1. Thank you! Not sure I’ll find the same bedsheets, but hopefully still something I’m happy with :)

  1. Beautiful! Love the ideas and those vases are so gorgeous! I had been dreaming about the master bedroom until other, more important projects got pushed to the forefront. I know we are going a bit thematic, lol. I want to do our master bedroom based off a Japanese tea garden. I know that seems so out there, but your green feature wall reminded me of it. Maybe the stars will align for us one day too, but I am so excited for you!

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