Make a First Day of Preschool Shirt (In Less Than 10 Minutes)

Get your little one excited for the first day of preschool or kindergarten with this custom shirt. This simple 10 minute shirt design made with the Cricut Explore is a fun way to celebrate the first day back to school.

Little girl in t-shirt with text "Preschool here I come"

I know what makes a little girl more excited than anything else: starting school. Well… ok. Maybe Disney Land would be more exciting, but my girl could not be more excited to start school. I wanted to have a fun way to celebrate so I decided to make her a quick “first day of school” t-shirt! A few friends and I are sharing some quick 10 Minute DIY projects, for kids, and I’ll share all of their great projects below :)

Preschool here I come Cricut stencil

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I think the most likely time for someone to make their littles a t-shirt is the start of Preschool or Kindergarten, but if you want to see a t-shirt for another grade, leave a comment and let me know!


Cricut Explore Air
Glitter Gold Iron-On Vinyl
Navy Blue Iron-On Vinyl
Plain T-shirt
T-shirt design
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Cricut cut pattern for first day of preschool shirt

Once you open the design space links, press go! Set your Cricut to “Iron-On Vinyl” and don’t forget to click the button to reverse your image.

"Here I Come" Cricut stencil
Cricut Explore machine

Place your iron-on vinyl on your mat with the shiny side down.

Placing vinyl on Cricut mat

Once your vinyl is cut, peel back the unnecessary pieces to leave just the words overtop of the clear protective layer.

Carefully peel away the letters from extra vinyl
Place the vinyl letter layers on your t-shirt

Place the words overtop of your t-shirt, with the protective layer up.

Preschool print on the t-shirt

Put your iron on the “no-steam” setting. Press over each spot for at least 10 seconds until the vinyl has set.

Setting vinyl on t-shirt and ironing on

When the vinyl is set, you should be able to easily pull back the protective layer.

Once the vinyl is set, peel back the covering

Do the same with the second set of words. Make sure that your iron doesn’t touch the already set words, unless you have have a protective sheet on them.

Repeating above steps with the next part of the pattern
Finished t-shirt with text "Preschool here I come"

To say this little one is excited is an understatement! I hope your little ones enjoy their t-shirts just as much!

Little girl wearing "Preschool here I come" t-shirt.
Little girl wearing t-shirt with text "Preschool Here I Come"
Little girl wearing first day of school outfit with custom shirt with text "Preschool here I come"

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First Day of Preschool T-shirt

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