Leather Heart Headband

Leather Heart Headband

I’m hugely in love with two things right now: leather and my Cricut Explore!
This is my FIRST time joining these two loves and I couldn’t be happier with how EASY it was! I made a leather heart headband as my first foray into the world of cutting “things-other-than-paper” with my Cricut.

Leather Heart Headband


Cricut Explore
Scraps of leather
E6000 glue
Matching thread

Leather Heart Headband

To begin, you want to cut a small piece of scrap leather, and set it in the top corner of your mat.

Next, you want to open the Cricut design space, and find the image you want to use. Below, you can see the heart image I chose. I made three of these images at 1″ height, and 3 at 0.75″ in height. Then I adjusted the colours (the same colours cut on the same canvas) so that I would have one small piece and one larger piece of leather cut out of each colour.

Leather Heart Headband

Before you cut, make sure that you choose “custom” and then select the type of leather you are using from the drop-down menu.

Cut leather with the cricut Cut leather with the cricut explore Cut leather with the Cricut Explore

I was SOOO happy with how these hearts cut out! This is MUCH more perfect than my tracing and cutting by hand :)

Leather Heart Headband

Next, you want to measure the headband so it fits around your child’s head. My 1 year old baby required a 17″ elastic band. Then use your thread and needle to quickly sew the ends together.

Leather Heart Headband

Finally, use the E6000 to glue the leather hearts in place. I like them to be slightly off-centred. I also chose to put three hearts on each band, but you could easily add a couple more, or even have them go all the way around her head!

Leather Heart Headband Leather Heart Headband Leather Heart Headband Leather Heart Headband Leather Heart Headband

I’m thrilled with how they turned out! I hope you like them as much as I do :)

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  1. So adorable, Lindi!! As is your lil girl! Hope you share them at our link party in the morning please! Have a great rest of the week! xo

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