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Ignite Your Senses Gift Basket

Have any of you ever struggled with putting together a creative gift basket?! For a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding shower, a Valentine’s day gift? Today I bring you a solution: an “Ignite Your Senses” gift basket! I have even created an amazing selection of FREE Chalkboard Printables to make putting this gift basket together as easy as possible! Curious? Read on! 

Chalkboard Printables

I originally came up with the idea to make these five sense gift printables a few years ago when I put a Valentine’s Day gift together for my husband. I had already bought a few little gifts, and I wanted something romantic to tie the items together, so I wrapped them up and labeled them with chalkboard printables, “For your sense of TASTE” (chocolates), “For my sense of SMELL” (cologne), and “For our sense of adventure” (well… it was for Valentine’s day).

Is there anything more romantic than paying extra attention to our five senses? I love the idea of using drawing attention to each one individually. You can fill up your gift baskets with romantic items and aphrodisiacs such as wine, chocolate,  whipping cream, clothing, roses, perfumes and colognes, lingerie, and fun evening activities. Or you can make your five senses gift completely fun and playful with items like his or her favourite snacks, beers, t-shirts, books or magazines, and cigars.

Chalkboard Printables

I loved the idea so much, that I wanted to create some great Chalkboard Printables that anyone could use to put this gift basket together at home!

Download your 5 senses gift chalkboard printables here:

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Chalkboard Printables Chalkboard Printables

As you see [above] I’ve created printables for “YOUR”, “MY”, and “OUR” senses! I’ve also included the Canadian and American spelling for “Sense of Humour/Humor” – have to make it easy for everyone!

Chalkboard Printables

I’ve also included 5 great labels [above] to you can use them for any event, any holiday, or just because :)

Mix and match these labels however you like!

I love the idea of having a whole basket just for one sense, like the sense of “TASTE”…

Chalkboard Printables

And then of course you can give a full 5 sense gift for all your senses…

Chalkboard Printables

Or any combination at all!

Chalkboard Printables

And for any occasion!

Chalkboard PrintablesChalkboard Printables Chalkboard Printables Chalkboard Printables Chalkboard Printables Chalkboard Printables Chalkboard Printables

I hope you enjoy putting your gift baskets together!

If you need a homemade idea for the “Sense of Taste” gift, I’m sharing am AMAZING recipe for Bacon Chocolates (yes, you read that correctly!) too. They are delicious AND the perfect Valentine’s gift for “him”!

Chalkboard PrintablesBirthday Gift BasketAnniversary Gift Basket

If you use these labels, I would LOVE to see how! Follow me on Twitter or Instagram, tag @lindivs and use the hashtag #lovecreatecelebrate! 

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9 thoughts on “Ignite Your Senses Chalkboard Printables

  1. These are so cute! I am trying to download them to a bigger size because they are pretty small when i print them. Is there a way to make the labels bigger?

    1. I’m glad you like them! Did you follow the link to download them labels? They should show up just as they do in the images on the blog. The downloaded labels are the same size as the ones in my photos. Unfortunately they do not come in a larger size. Hope you like them!

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