About Me


My name is Lindi, I’m a mother of two beautiful girls and a wife to my amazing husband. I started blogging casually after I moved far from my family to keep everyone up to date on my life and adventures, but it quickly evolved into so much more – something I love!

Six Months

I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist from Northern Alberta, Canada, I moved away from my entire family in Ontario so that I could find work and I’m sooo happy I did! Although I miss my family and friends daily, I found an amazing job, met my wonderful husband, had my dream wedding, and started our family. There’s no looking back for this Albertan!

When I moved out west without any friends or family, I started this blog as an outlet for all of the things I love, create, and celebrate :) I am a self-taught crafter. That’s right! In fact taught myself everything I know about crafting, knitting, crocheting, gardening, sewing, cooking, baking, and photography. Good thing there are a LOT of YouTube videos out here!

My current passion is DIY Furniture (thanks to my handy hubby!) and DIY Home Decor, but I share a bit of everything.  This blog is an outlet to showcase all of the good (& sometimes bad!) projects I tackle. I even share a few Speech-Language Pathology Tips (such as these posts on reading with your baby and getting babies to make new sounds!). Please grab a cup of coffee, stay a while, and learn alongside me. Hopefully you will find something here that makes you smile :)

The ones behind the scenes: 

My amazing, handy and talented husband :)
He provides me with so much support and encouragement. He’s my creative behind-the-scenes partner. I try to give him credit here and there, but I truly would not be able to blog as I love to without his support.

575913_10100743871273381_179207096_n 1959477_10101867212274011_2374281367002858956_n

My beautiful baby girls :)

Ellie is a happy, stubborn, lively, and curious little girl, and I feel blessed to be able to watch her grow into a confident big sister every day!

RivoKnits Review

Evelyn is my smiley, expressive, assertive and beautiful baby girl. I LOVE watching her learn more and more every day!

Four Months

Our furry babies: Joop (pronounced “Yope”) and Daisy (the Rottweiler).
They are kind, happy puppies that LOVE our girls, and would do just about anything for a walk or a treat.

IMG_2967cFour MonthsFour Months

Our hearts are full :)

 I want to hear from you! Please leave comments, questions, and suggestions anytime!

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