Hair Bow and Headband Organizer

Hair Bow and Headband Organizer

If you have a daughter, you are probably like me… you probably have a drawer FULL of adorable headbands, bows, and hair pieces. Well… that drawer is a thing of my past, as I’ve finally found the time to create an incredible hair bow and headband organizer using a beautiful chicken wire frame from Close to My Heart!

This hair bow and headband tutorial is so simple, and so cute!

This frame was SO easy to make! From the washi tape clothespins, to the personalized letter, this frame was done in no time at all!

Here’s what you need to make it:

Chicken Wire Frame
Mini Clothespins
Assorted Washi Tape
White Spray Paint (optional)
Large Letter
Coloured Spray Paint for Letter

Covering small clothespins with washi tape is a quick and simple way to add colors and patterns to your board.So many cute washi tape clothespins!

To begin, I choose a few washi tape colours and patterns that I liked, and decorated my own custom mini clothespins. To do this, I added washi tape to each side, and used an X-Acto knife to cut them to fit the clothespins.

Did you notice that I changed my washi tape selections?! SO hard to choose a favourite! It may have been the hardest decision of this project, lol.

Choose a letter to put in the center of your hair bow and headband organizer.

Next, I painted my lovely chicken wire frame. It arrived in a cream colour, which wasn’t going to match my baby girl’s bedroom decor, so I spray painted it white before I continued.

I bought a large letter “E” in the discount bin at my local craft score, and throughout this was the perfect item for my little Ellie’s hair bow organizer. So I spray painted the letter and attached it to the chicken wire using wire at the top and bottom.

It is simple to attach a letter to the chicken wire using a twist tie. Twish ties can easily attach the letter to your hair bow and headband organizer. Hair Bow and Headband Organizer

Now you have a beautiful, custom hair bow and headband frame for your little dress-up doll :)

Look how cute the finished hair bow and headband organizer is!

The clothespins perfectly held all of her hair pieces, from teensy tiny baby bows…

Tiny barrettes can be added with clothespins.

…to large headbands…

Large headbands are easy to clip on.

…to big girl hair clips!

This hair bow and headband organizer is both cute and functional.

One day she will be old enough to take her own adorable hair pieces off of her hanging frame :)

Hang this hair bow and headband organizer to decorate and organize- so adorable! Check out this simple tutorial for creating your own hair bow and headband organizer!

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  1. This is perfect for your lil girl’s clips!! I would’ve loved this when our daughter was younger and had a million of them ;) Love the washi tape clothes pins too! Super cute, Lindi!

  2. I’m not sure which I like better, the washi tape clothespins or the entire project! I know that adorable baby model is just precious!
    Thank you for sharing with us and our readers at Merry Monday! We hope to see you at the next party too!

  3. What a great idea! I especially love those little clothes pins that you personalized!
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    We start Monday 6am- Thursday 5pm.
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