Christmas Bon Bons


Can you feel it? The cool air?
That chill tells me two things are coming: winter (not my favourite) and Christmas (yay!). Thinking about Christmas brings floods of memories from my holidays as a child. Christmas decorations that remained intact year after year. Annoying Christmas songs that I forced my family to listen to year after year (Sorry! #notactuallysorry). Classic Christmas cookies that make my mouth water just thinking about them!

The recipe I’m sharing here is a recipe I’ve been making my whole life. Stirring in the kitchen and adding the food colouring for mom. These Christmas bon bons are very quick to make, and a super easy recipe to make with children – I can’t wait to do that myself one day!


1 250g package of cream cheese
3 cups icing sugar
dash of salt
1/4 tsp of vanilla
red and green food colouring
1 cup coconut (optional)


Place cream cheese in a bowl and cream until soft. Split the cream cheese into two bowls.  Add vanilla and salt to cream cheese mixtures. Then add red food colouring to one bowl, and green to the other. Add until you get the desired colour.

Gradually add 1 1/2 cups of icing sugar to each bowl (red and green). Form into small balls (about a tbsp.). [note: the balls will flatten out, but they are supposed to!]. Roll in coconut if desired. Chill until firm.


These balls are so sweet, you probably can only eat one… or if you’re anything like ten-year-old me … then you can eat 5 in a row! I personally prefer the coconut ones :)
Try them yourself! You will be addicted!

IMG_4055b IMG_4064b IMG_4068b

Enjoy :)


10 thoughts on “Christmas Bon Bons

  1. Oh seeing those is bringing back some good memories. Like when we would sneak down into your fruit cellar and feel like we’d hit the jackpot with all of the Christmas baking in there! So sweet and so good!

    1. Please tell me what you think if you make them! I love them so much, I’m so happy to find others that share my love of cream cheese and icing sugar, lol.

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