Gardening Week: The Finale

Thought I would end my gardening adventures with a note about the tulips we grew this year. 
My husband loves tulips and so do I – I think because of the dutch connotation. 
So we planted some last fall and hoped for the best this spring. 
When they started to grow we were so excited! I was very anxious to see the buds come up!
Then the deer came by and munched on some of our tulip buds, so a very upset husband of mine (upset at the deer, not me!) had to put pegs and fence around the tree to keep the tulips safe until they bloomed.
And bloom they did!! So we got to take the fencing down :) Now we have a few days to enjoy them before we have to cut the tops off so that they don’t seed for next year. 
And so ends my gardening week. Hope you enjoyed it! There will be planty (haha) more posts too come as the gardens continue to grow and take shape.

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