Felted Faux Succulents

Felted Faux Succulents

If you’ve ever read my “About Me” page, you’ll know that I’m a self-taught crafter. Everything that I’ve tackled on this blog started with a semi-failed initial attempt! Just look back a year or so in my archives and you’ll see some more than embarrassing photos…. speaking of which, I should probably go remove some of those! Today, I’m sharing my first adventure in felting with some DIY felted succulents. Sharing the good and the bad… lol. 


I started by gathering the supplies I needed: a few colours of raw sheep’s wool, a felting needle (and replacements!), and a foam block.

I actually ordered all of my supplies from a tiny little Canadian company called Bear Dance Crafts.


Once I had all of the supplies I needed, I simple put the needle to the felt and started shaping my succulents! I chose to make succulents for my first project because they have a beautifully distinct look that I thought I could try to capture :) Make sure that you work on a foam surface, and keep lifting your project to ensure the felt doesn’t get attached to the foam!

Here’s how my felting experiment turned out:

For this first one, I used a classic deep green, and just shaped all of the edges into ovals.

green succulent

I wanted to use the deep purple for my second succulent, but I realized quickly that it was hard to differentiate the “leaves”, so I decided to add some grey felt, and give each “leaf” a nice border.

purple succulent

I stuck with my grey border for the final succulent, but used a brighter colour and rounded off the “leaves”.

Blue succulent

I still have a LOT to learn in this area, but I’m sharing my learning experiences as I go! I’m pretty happy about how these cute little faux succulents turned out :)

three succulents

Have you tried felting before? Any suggestions for my next project?!

window succulents


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    1. Thank you!! I’m no good at plant upkeep either! That’s why I had to come up with this idea! Lol. Thanks for pinning :D

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