An Easy Fall Charcuterie Board

This Fall-themed charcuterie board is perfect for a Thanksgiving get-together

As a child (and especially as a teenager!), I loved Thanksgiving. I loved the hustle and bustle of food getting prepared all day and different family members arriving all of the time. Long weekends of constant visiting, eating, and playing games made this extrovert’s heart flutter. Somehow when I look back, I don’t remember who was slaving away in the kitchen and missing out on the game of cards, or who was washing dishes while the rest of us napped after dinner, but it all got taken care of! As an adult, I’ve realized that when I host, these responsibilities lie on me… lol. But since I don’t want to miss the games and the chit chat, I try to make my fall entertaining as easy as possible, which includes the always popular charcuterie board.

This festive Thanksgiving spread is complete with a Fall charcuterie board

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Fall charcuterie boards are the easiest way to keep your guests satisfied while they wait for a big thanksgiving meal, or to feed them the day after thanksgiving when their bellies are still a little bit too full for a whole meal!

Since we’re all looking to make our holidays a bit easier, I thought I’d share some of my easy thanksgiving charcuterie board tips with you.

A Fall party isn't complete without a delicious spread of seasonal goodies, like a Fall-themed charcuterie board

Five Tips for Easy Fall Entertaining (with a Charcuterie Board!):

1. Keep it simple!

Charcuterie boards are a go-to for many that entertain regularly. They are stylized meat and cheese trays filled with seasonal favourites and piled with carbs to help enjoy the treats. They are simple because you just need to grab a few staples and arrange them on a board! You don’t even have to cut the cheese ahead of time – just provide a knife! Here are a few items I always try to include:

  • One big beautiful tray – like my wooden cutting board! Or this one!
  • A soft cheese (like camembert or brie), a hard cheese (like smoked cheddar), and a semi-soft cheese (like gouda or havarti)
  • A cured hard meat (like chorizo) and a thinly sliced muscle cut of meat (like prosciutto), all pre-cut
  • Sweet and savoury additions (such as jams, chutneys, pickled veggies, fresh or dried fruits, olives, nuts, etc.)
  • Lots of bland carbs (i.e. bread sticks or crackers) so they don’t interfere with the other flavours

Sweet and savory flavors come together for this fall-themed appetizer spread complete with spinach dip and rye rolls

2. Serve something warm in the fall!

Pinterest is FULL of simple dips, soups, and warm cheeses that you can you use to add some warmth to a cool fall day! I used this beautiful serving dish to display some spinach dip, and a square cake platter to serve up some warmed brie! If you want a delicious fall recipe I made this Cranberry Pecan Baked Brie and it was divine!

Soft cheeses like this brie topped with fruit and nuts is a perfect addition to a seasonal fall appetizer spread

3. Use pre-packaged foods!

This is thanksgiving. Give yourself a break! This spread looked and tasted delicious, but I cut corners by using pre-made spinach dips, and pre-packaged cheeses (like the laughing cow triangles below!). Anything can still look styled and beautiful when you arrange it beautifully on your serving dishes – like I did with this beautiful White Entertainment Pack of serving platters!

Make your fall charcuterie board easy by using prepackaged food like cheeses, nuts, and bread or cracker slices This fall charcuterie board is the perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors

4. Have some fun and choose fall coloured foods! 

Browns, oranges, purples, and greens! Everything I bought was in these colours because they scream autumn. I love the cohesiveness of the board. You’d be surprised how easy it is to find cheeses and meats that match your colour scheme when you want to! lol.

The sweet and savory variety on this fall charcuterie board makes it the perfect seasonal party platter A wide assortment of crackers, nuts, olives, and fruits are essential for a fall themed appetizer spread This sweet and savory spread is complete with a Fall charcuterie board, a variety of crackers and fruit.

5. Keep your drink menu short!

We have a tendency to think we need to serve everyone’s favourite, but this year, I simplified! I used a large tray to define the drink station, put our a few select drinks including fall red wines, whisky in our beautiful decanter, and water in a pretty clean bottle. Whatever your fall favourites are! Don’t stress over too many options.

A simple drink menu lets your guests focus on the delicious food - so make sure you pair your wines well!This drink bar is a perfect element of a fall party - simple with savory and warm flavors

Hope you liked the tips! Tag me with all of your Fall Charcuterie Boards!

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