Eight Months

Eight Months

Evelyn is now 21lbs. 6 oz, 27 inches long, and eight months old. 

If you’re new here, this is the one time a month when I step away from DIY posts and reminisce about how quickly my baby girl is growing. My digital scrapbook. Evelyn is getting stronger every day. She can’t crawl yet, but she somehow manages to get from one side of the room to the other! Her personality is starting to emerge. We see her as expressive, shy, goofy, and curious. She hates being alone, which is a stark contrast from her sister. Serious baby screams and real big baby tears result! Luckily, her two-year-old idol is starting to pay her some attention – visiting her when she cries, bringing her toys and singing to her. Seeing her big sister never fails to bring a smile to her face. We may have had a few big sister “incidents” this month… someone may or may not have tried to pick up her sister… and may or may not have dropped her – resulting in many big tears and a screaming mommy. Lol. We are learning lots about safety around here these days! Evelyn is such a happy baby; especially in the morning. There is only one person in this entire world that I will greet with a big smile when she wakes me up at 3am unexpectantly. She has me wrapped around her finger. Life with two girls is bliss.

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3 thoughts on “Eight Months

  1. Adorable! Love all the pics. :)
    ps- did Evelyn really gain 5 pounds in a month? She must really love solids!! :D

    1. Well… I’m measuring her on my bathroom scale, so there could be a lot of error. Either last month, or this month, or both, lol. But she definitely has grown!

      1. Haha that makes sense. I can’t wait till all our little can hang out together someday! (Rupert and your girls for an hour was a start ;)

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