Early Nursery Ideas

For all of your viewing pleasure, here is my gender neutral nursery room inspiration board:

There are a few themes running through the board:

  1. Navy, yellow and grey. I hummed and hawed about these colours, but when I see them together I’m very happy.It’s actually fairly easy to find products in these colours because they’re popular right now, and I like the idea of having just pops of yellow throughout the room.
  2. Patterns. I love the lively patterns in these pictures. From the trellis printed rug to the chevron printed pillows. I really would love some patterns to pop out in this nursery and liven the room.
  3. Crafty touches. My baby room will not be complete until I have completed a few projects for it! The Owl mobile is ADORABLE (or maybe thats just me and my love of owls, lol). I don’t know if I can create something as intricate, but I can try! And the letter frame is something that I will 100% be copying with scrapbook paper :) Many more projects in my mind that aren’t on this board though.
  4. Functionality. Although I want everything to flow and look great, it also all needs to be functional. After all, babies will be crawling around on these floors! I definitely will need something ultra fluffy and/or comfy for the baby to rest on on the floor (a flat rug probably won’t do the trick!). Any chair will have to be in the form of a rocker or glider – just a necessity. And storage! It can look pretty, but it better store all the clothes, books, and cloth diapers well! 
  5. Neutral. Last but not least… it has to be appropriate for a boy or a girl. Since we’ve decided not to find out what we’re having, I have to rein in the decorating and keep it neutral until the baby comes. Once he or she is here I can add pink dolls or red firetrucks, but until then, it stays clean and neutral :)

Thoughts?? Other suggestions are welcome, but you better be quick cause I’m gonna start shopping soon. Only four more months to get ready!!


    2 thoughts on “Early Nursery Ideas

    1. I love those colours! Very modern and fun. :) You should get a dresser and put a changing pad on top of it, instead of a changing table…. maybe you were already going to do that since there is a picture of a dresser? But its nice to have a piece of furniture that does 2 things :)
      Also, I agree about the necessity of a rocker/ glider.! We have a wooden rocker and I spend a couple of hours in it every night :)

      1. Thanks Jenny! I totally am planning to do that! Function! I want the dresser to last. Unless we find a really nice vintage change table or something… that’s all that would change my mind.

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