DIY Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper

Video tutorial for quick and easy, personalized Valentine's Day wrapping paper

My friends! Today, I am sharing the BEST and EASIEST way to personalize a gift! This five minute DIY Wrapping Paper will help that perfect Valentine’s Day gift you purchased look beautiful, thoughtful, and personal. PLUS, I’m sharing a quick video to prove that it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the perfect gift!

Here is my DIY Valentine’s Day wrapping paper video!
[More instructions below] 

As you saw, all you need is some white paper (I bought a whole roll at Michael’s), some sharpies, some scissors, and some imagination.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Roll out your paper and cut it to size to fit your box. Then go crazy drawing anything you like with your markers. I chose to stay with a nice Valentine’s Day theme, but you could easily make your own designs for a birthday, anniversary, etc. Get as creative as you like!

DIY Wrapping PaperDIY Wrapping Paper

This DIY wrapping paper is the perfect addition to a Valentine’s Day gift Basket, and I’m sharing a romantic “Ignite Your Senses” basket, including FREE printable gift tags.

DIY Wrapping Paper DIY Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper

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